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How to take back my power.

Ruth Tearle - Monday, September 05, 2016

A letter from my better self to my un-empowered self.

By Letitia Maneveld

All of us go through periods in life when we feel unconfident and disempowered. Whether we face challenges at work, or at home - a constant bombardment of negativity puts us in a place that we don't feel comfortable with. We feel tired and apathetic. We blame others for our problems. We don't like who we have become. And yet we also don't know how to get our power and mojo back.

In this blog post, Letitia Maneveldwrites an encouraging letter from her wise self, to her unempowered self - on how to take back her power. Use this letter to inspire yourself whenever you feel you have lost yourself.

Letter from me to me.

Dear me

I am the only one who can take my power back.

I am, after all, the one that gave it away in the first place.

I am the only one who can take my power back; I am after all, the one that gave it away in the first place. No matter what my reasons were for giving my power away, the fact remains that I am responsible for giving it away.

I can only control me, my behaviour, my beliefs and my words.

I will therefore choose my behaviour.

I choose to be positive. I choose to use my skills to get what I need, in order to be able to deliver my best and achieve the standards I set for myself. The way I will do this is to take everything in the most positive light and see it as an opportunity for growth and development - for myself and for others.

I know that I am good at inspiring people, at developing people, at helping people to see their potential and achieving it. This is what inspires me. This is where my passion lies. So when this is my focus, I am at my best.

My confidence in myself and knowing what I’m good at and where I make a difference, is a light that shines from me.

My confidence in myself and knowing what I’m good at and where I make a difference, is a light that shines from me.

I am the only one that can shine this light and when this light shines, I help others to shine their lights.

THIS is what gives me my energy, and drive, and focus. So I will allow my light to shine.


I will keep talking to myself in a positive way, so that I see myself in a positive way. I will practise this daily until it becomes a habit. I will draw on all the good, positive traits I have to keep me empowered.

I will be who I really am and not who I think others need or want me to be.

What I will let go of.

I will let go of habits that are no use to me:

  • Blaming others. I take full responsibility for how others treat me. Others only do what I allow them to do.
  • I can’t grow and focus on what is to come, when I’m hanging onto what was.

  • The past. I can’t grow and focus on what is to come, when I’m hanging onto what was. Things change all the time so the past cannot be altered, it’s what I do with the future that counts.

  • Control. I can’t control everything and everyone. I will connect with the energy of others, so that I encourage each one to do what they do best.

  • Allowing people’s fears and insecurities to make me feel inadequate. I need to see others fears and insecurities for what they are, they are not a reflection of me. I will focus on helping others to let their light shine.

  • Feeling not good enough. I am good enough. With all my imperfections, I am good enough.

  • Hiding my greatness (light) due to others sensitivities. Doing things to make others feel better but that doesn’t reflect my magic.

  • Using habitual language that is negative such as: I have no power. I am forced to… he makes me… I’m just the … He’s the boss.


What I will change to be the person I want to be.

  • BELIEVE in myself. What I know and I what I do.
  • HAVE CONFIDENCE in myself and my abilities.
  • FOCUS on my strengths.
  • IDENTIFY the underlying issues or 'elephants in the room' and deal with them.
  • LET GO of the past, in order to make way for a magical future.

So to take my power back, I will believe in myself. I will do what I do best, I will lead and guide and develop people in a way that empowers them and me. This means I will strive to understand what the real issue is and help others and myself to overcome these issues by providing tools, structure and whatever else is needed.

THEN I’m at my best. THEN I’m positive. THEN I’m happy. THEN I’m being my true self.

THEN I’m taking my power back!

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Denise Le Bron commented on 06-Sep-2016 10:20 PM
Beautifully said... I know you will hold it your sister
Doug Cairns commented on 13-Sep-2016 11:13 AM
What an inspirational post, Letitia. In a world of bright minds, it's only what comes from our hearts that differentiates us. Yours certainly brightened my day today, so it's clear that your 'light' that you refer to shines through in this piece of work. Thank you!

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