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The funny side of consulting in small towns: - By Mandy Lebides.

Ruth Tearle - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well here I am in Fochville. It is a pleasant surprise amidst all the other industrialization in the area – seems sort of different – one main street and all the houses look very neat with large grass patch gardens which are all expertly mowed. There is a Clicks and  Steers.

I have become an expert at getting to Carletonville, but once I drove in here -even with it’s one street – I got lost – couldn’t find the B&B – typical me.  I drove around for a while trying to follow ‘Blik Bessie’ (my name for the GPS) but it kept telling me I had arrived at my destination, only problem was it was outside the post office in what looked like a more dodgey part of town.

I spotted an old Oomie walking along the road and asked him –“ mak oop ek sal jou wys” says he. And he jumps in the car only to tell me that he ‘s lived here for 18 years but doesn’t know where 2nd Street is!!!  - can you imagine if that had happened in Cape Town – I probably would have thought I was being highjacked.  He reeked of alcohol and told me he will show me where to go but then I have to drop him off at the place where he is going to gamble and have a drink – no shame at all. He asked me what I did – making conversation as we drive the few hundred meters down the main road – and then attempted to make intelligent conversation not very successfully -  I think he had already had one too many glasses of wine with his Sunday roast

We eventually did find the place and I dropped him off at a very dodgey looking drinking hole reminding myself never to get lost in that part of town again. He got out the car saying – this has been a real pleasure!! Ja I thought and now for the town gossip – can you imagine “Oom Tas was seen with a strange woman in a car driving around town”

The B&B is pleasant enough – not luxurious but clean enough and I have a huge room with fully equipped kitchen – almost the size of a house. It is quite kitch – looks like it belongs in an era just before this one – bright orange cushions and draped curtains. It is very quiet except for the local church bell peeling out to beckon people to Sunday evening church. I guess the chickens will wake me in the morning.

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