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This short OD intervention is designed to build a team by creating a team identity or brand.


Use this intervention to bond people into a team based on a common identity. This is useful for teams such as:

  • Project teams.
  • New teams formed after a merger or restructure.
  • Existing departments or divisions who have a new role or mandate.
  • New alliances.
  • Existing teams with a new leader.

It is best to do this activity in a number of smaller groups. (Up to 8 people per group.)

Develop a team identity.

An OD activity to energize & build a team.

Time required:

  • 2-3 hours.


  • 1 large poster sized cardboard or flip-chart for each small group.
  • Colored flip chart pens, crayons or finger paints for each group.
  • Some music/songs on a computer, tablet or smart phone, plus a speaker.

Intervention activity.


1. Hand out group materials.

Give each group a poster sized paper or cardboard plus crayons, flip-chart pens or finger paints.

2. Explain the context.

"Imagine it is five years into the future. Your team's most important customers are delighted with what your team has achieved during the past 5 years. Your team will be recognized for its achievements or contributions at a special awards ceremony."

(Create your own personality who will present the award to your team at an event. Name the personality, award and event.)

od-activity"When we receive our award, we will all be wearing a T-shirt. Our T-shirt will have on it:

  • Our team's name.
  • Our team logo.
  • Our team slogan."

3. Give instructions for the activity.

"Design a T-shirt that you can wear to the awards ceremony. Each small group will design its own T-shirt. On your T-shirt, your team's logo and slogan should represent:

  • What your team has achieved or provided that has so delighted your customers.
  • How you will work within your team and with others.
  • What your team stands for. Your brand or your promise to your customers.

Be ready to model your T-shirt, and explain what your logo and slogan represents. You may model it any way you wish. You may also choose music to play while you are modeling your T-shirt."

4. Get feedback from each group.

Each group models their T-shirt in front of the larger team and explains their logos and slogans.

The groups vote on the best T-shirt. Or they can choose elements from different groups' T-shirts.

5. After the workshop, produce T-shirts for the team.

After the workshop, arrange for the best T-shirt design to be printed onto actual T-shirts. These T-shirts can be given to each team member to be worn on company casual days.

Why this intervention works.

    Team building naturally occurs - when a team uses creativity and fun to build their own vision and identity.

Two of the most powerful ways to build a team is through developing a common goal, or a set of team rules/values.

This simple, energizing right brain exercise gets a team to:

  • Develop a common vision or goal. This is done when they consider what the team will have achieved or provided.
  • Develop team values. This is done when they consider how they will work within their team and with others.

When the groups integrate this in a team logo and slogan, they develop a team identity or brand. One they can feel proud of. And one they can use in all their communications with others.

This activity is powerful in that it combines three senses - used in the drawing, acting and music. This excites and energizes the groups - both while they are creating their identity and presenting it. In this creative OD activity, team building occurs naturally.

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