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Corporate culture - the journey to a changed culture

In a simpler world of the past, culture change often involved having the CEO communicate the new values to the organisation in a road show. Having done that, he could tick culture change off his list of priorities as 'Done!'. Changing a culture was relatively easy.

But in today's environment we need to develop and maintain a corporate culture that thrives in a world where constant technological change re-shapes everything we do. Technology changes the way we work, the systems we use, how we structure the way we work, the communication channels we use, what determines power and status in an organization, as well as the way in which we engage with our customers.

The different journeys taken by different groups of role players in a cultural change.

With the rapid and continual advances in technology, many organizations are combining culture change with changes to technology, systems, processes and structures. This makes many corporate culture change programs more complex than simply communicating a few new values. As well as sharing and reinforcing our corporate values, we need to build a corporate culture where everyone in the organization thrives on change, and is able to quickly learn and apply new technologies in a way that delights their customers.

For this type of culture to work, we need to involve everyone within the organization, and get them to go on a journey where they not only live the organizational values, but they learn and become confident in dealing with continual change in a world with demanding customers who expect things better, faster, quicker and cheaper.

To build this type of culture, we need to work with multiple groups. Steering committee, executives, senior managers, change agents, and employees. Each group is part of the main culture change journey. Yet each group goes on a different journey and has to develop different skills, beliefs and behaviours. They also have to support one another. Within each group different people progress at different rates on their journeys.

Use the info-graphic below to see an overview of the different groups that need to be involved in a culture change journey that builds a culture that will thrive in a future world.

it vs culture project

See our other detailed info-graphics showing the journeys each of the following groups take in a culture change.

  1. The overall corporate culture journey
  2. The Employee journey.
  3. The steering committee journey.
  4. The senior managers journey.
  5. The change agents journey.
  6. The executives journey.

Also see the related infographics on how a systems or structure change can affect a corporate culture.

If you intend changing systems or structures, ensure you integrate a way to address these problems as part of your corporate culture journeys.

See our infographics showing the difference between being successful in a stable environment, compared to being successful in a constantly changing world.

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