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When does a cultural change end?

When will our culture change programme end?

The first step in a culture change often involves creating and rolling out new organizational values. As employees experiment with these new values, leaders often become excited by what they see as a positive change in behaviour. They believe that the behaviour they are seeing is permanent, that the culture change is over and they can now focus on other priorities.

Executives ask "Does this mean we have finished our culture?" "When can we tick culture change off our list?"

This is a difficult question to answer because a permanent or sustained change in culture, is one of the most complex projects an organization can tackle. It is different to all other projects that have a fixed start and end date.

Use the info-graphic below to explain the difference between an IT project and culture change project. It shows why culture change projects although they show initial success during their first year of implementation, usually take up to 5 years of practice and reinforcement before the new culture is embedded. Then, organizations that want to have a culture based on innovation and customer focus, will constantly review and enhance the way they do things. So for these organizations, culture constantly shifts.

it vs culture project

See our other detailed info-graphics showing the journeys each of the following groups take in a culture change.

  1. The overall corporate culture journey
  2. The Employee journey.
  3. The steering committee journey.
  4. The senior managers journey.
  5. The change agents journey.
  6. The executives journey.

Also see the related infographics on how a systems or structure change can affect a corporate culture.

If you intend changing systems or structures, ensure you integrate a way to address these problems as part of your corporate culture journeys.

See our infographics showing the difference between being successful in a stable environment, compared to being successful in a constantly changing world.

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