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How a restructure affects culture.

Most culture change programmes begin with a company developing new values and cascading them down the organization. Employees usually respond positively to new values and find them exciting. Within the space of a year, executives are delighted by how they see their culture has changed. Then they introduce a change in systems. To make the systems work, they change structures and roles. Employees under stress, revert to their old behaviours. All the work done in a culture change is lost.

The info-graphic below shows how a poorly implemented restructure can impact on corporate culture.

it vs culture project

See our other detailed info-graphics showing the journeys each of the following groups take in a culture change.

  1. The overall corporate culture journey
  2. The Employee journey.
  3. The steering committee journey.
  4. The senior managers journey.
  5. The change agents journey.
  6. The executives journey.

Also see the related infographics on how a systems or structure change can affect a corporate culture.

If you intend changing systems or structures, ensure you integrate a way to address these problems as part of your corporate culture journeys.

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