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Info-graphic of a change-ready employee

How does a change-ready employee behave? How does an employee who thrives in a changing work environment, compare with an employee who is successful within a stable organizational environment?

In a stable environment, we expect our employees to follow pre-defined policies, processes, procedures and systems. In some factory type environments, where quality is critical, we want employees who can follow processes perfectly. Employees who like structure and clarity often thrive in stable environments. They know what to do, and how to do it.

When organizations change their systems, processes, strategies, structures, or culture - they expect the same employees to adapt to a new way of working. They expect employees to be positive about change and confident about learning to do things differently.

But are our employees change ready? Have we explained clearly to them what we expect from them during a change or transformation? Do they understand how they may need to adapt their behaviours and beliefs according to the environment they are working in?

This infographic shows the difference in attitudes and behaviours from employees who thrive in a stable environment compared to employees who succeed during a change or transformation.

change ready

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