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Info-graphic of a corporate culture change journey

In our first info-graphic on corporate culture change, we showed how a number of different groups get involved in a culture change.

These include:

  • The company as a whole.
  • Employees.
  • Change agents.
  • Middle & senior managers
  • Executives
  • Steering-committees.

This infographic shows the overall journey that a company took to change their culture successfully. Begin at the bottom right, where they defined their existing culture. End at the top left, where they defined the culture they wanted to develop in a 5 year period. Then working from the bottom up, trace the journey of the company as a whole.

When reading this info-graphic note that different groups within this journey go on their own different journeys and progress at different rates. This is the overall view of a company wide culture change journey.

it vs culture project

See our other detailed info-graphics showing the journeys each of the following groups take in a culture change.

  1. The overall corporate culture journey
  2. The Employee journey.
  3. The steering committee journey.
  4. The senior managers journey.
  5. The change agents journey.
  6. The executives journey.

Also see the related infographics on how a systems or structure change can affect a corporate culture.

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