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Info-graphic: Motivational stories

Whether we are dealing with strategies, projects, changing a culture, structure or system, or working with performance management, performance improvement or innovation, we are working with challenges. We are creating a story about success.

Before we select people to lead projects or changes, we need to ensure they have the belief system that will help them overcome obstacles and achieve results.

We need to understand the stories that drive their belief systems.

When we select leaders, project leaders, steering committees or change agents to work on projects, we need to consider whether they have the belief system that will ensure they are able to lead others on a journey to success.

The motivational stories that inspire both leaders and team members, are reflected in their beliefs about what it takes to succeed at anything, and how they deal with obstacles.

In our blog post on Motivational Stories, we analysed two contrasting stories. That of a passive Cindarella whose life is changed by someone else, through an instant makeover. We contrast this with the story of an everyday hero, who develops his power through his own commitment, action, courage and perseverance. At the end of the blog, we asked a simple question. "Which is your story?"

The info-graphic below shows the difference in beliefs between those who are guided by the Cindarella makeover story, and those who relate to the courage and perseverance of the hero's journey.

change ready

Different beliefs can be a source of conflict.

Use this info-graphic to help understand where belief systems may cause conflict in your team.

A cindarella leader will frustrate a hero follower, to such an extent, that the hero will leave the organization.

Ask yourself:

  • Who in your team are Cindarella's, and who are everday heroes?
  • How do your Cindarellas work with other Cindarellas?
  • How do heroes work with other heroes?
  • What happens when a hero reports to a Cindarella?

    A hero leader will get frustrated with the passivity of a Cindarella who in turn will complain about a lack of direction.

  • What happens when a Cindarella reports to a hero?
  • Which beliefs are important when selecting leaders, change agents, project leaders, and steering committees?
  • Which beliefs are important for which types of jobs?

See the other infographics:

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