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Ruth Tearle is an international strategy and change management consultant, and the author of numerous books including "Innovate! the employee's guide to innovation",Strategy for CEOs - a step by step guide." "Ride the Wild Tiger”, " Organizational Development: How to choose the right intervention", "Organizational Development for teams", "How to change business paradigms", "Start your own management consultancy" “Blackboards, Bubbles & Cappuccinos" andMastering Personal change.”

Ruth's skill lies in practicing the art of ‘less is more.’ To do this, she custom designs interventions for each organization she works with. Her seemingly simple interventions are cleverly put together to provide many benefits simultaneously.

Together with her graphic designer, Mike Blignaut, she custom designs and produces attractive visual tools - in the form of practical charts, cards, or games - to make it easy for different role players in the organization to do what they need to do, to ensure the success of a project, cultural change, systems change or strategy.

As a facilitator, she is known for her ability to work with groups and individuals, mixing rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence. She is able to turn around the negative energy of groups, leaving them excited and inspired about a new project, strategy or change.

Less is more. Achieve many focused benefits with limited workshop time, in a relaxed, creative environment.

Ruth obtained her M.B.A. Cum Laude from the University of Stellenbosch in 1987. Previously she headed the strategic planning and market research department of Southern Life and was a principal consultant in strategy at Ernst & Young. She founded Change Designs in 1991. Today Ruth is a consultant to CEO's, a publisher and a mentor/trainer.


Ruth has consulted both in South Africa and internationally in the fields of strategy and change management. She has clients in South Africa, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. In her 20 year consulting career, she has worked in just about every industry - from banking to mining, from construction to government, from NGO’s to State Owned Enterprises. Today she custom designs simple, powerful interventions to meet challenging and complex goals.

Her experience includes:

Strategic planning: See our approach to doing strategy here.

  • Formulating strategy. Helping clients to develop corporate strategic plans and visions that are practical, creative and implementable. Plans that excite your team and give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Implementation. Helping clients to develop implementation plans, human capital strategies, engagement plans, change strategies, and people strategies that ensure that corporate strategies and projects can be implemented successfully.

Culture change:

  • Culture change. Changing a culture involves changing the way people in the organization behave - towards their customers, other colleagues, within their teams, and in their own jobs. We begin by working with the CEO, to define the types of behaviors he/she would like to see in the organization
  • custom-toolkits
  • Then we work with the groups that influence how employees behave:
    • The executive.
    • A steering committee for culture change.
    • Senior managers and executives.
    • Middle managers or change agents.
    • Staff.
  • We train each group in the role they need to play to change the organization's culture, and provide them with toolkits to help them.
  • We custom design a number of specific interventions run on a quarterly basis - to allow each group, and each employee to practice new behaviors.
  • We provide custom designed tools to help each team perform their roles.
  • We ensure that the new culture being developed supports the organization's strategic plan.

Change Management : See our approach to doing change management here.

  • Developing change strategies. Working with project teams to develop a comprehensive change strategy to ensure their project works. Ensuring that the people who will be affected by a change:
    • Know what they have to do to make the project work.
    • Want to make the project work.
    • Are excited and inspired about what they need to do.
    • Take action.
  • Training the various stakeholders of a change or project on the roles they need to play to ensure the project achieves the benefits intended.
  • Designing and publishing practical tools to ensure it is easy for each role player to be successful in a change. We provide relevant change management tool kits from our store and can custom design or customize tool kits specific to each client.
  • Setting up an internal change infrastructure in companies. This includes developing internal change agent networks, management forums, innovation champions, steering committees...
  • Sustaining change. Ensuring people related changes are measured, and recognized. Sustaining change through creating heroes, sharing lessons learned and magical moments, creating rewards and celebration of milestones.


  • Coaching heads of strategy, change, OD, HR, and innovation departments. Ruth acts as a mentor to many in house leaders and specialists. She helps them to establish their own ‘internal consultancies’ and provides them with training, tools and coaching. She also custom designs many workshops for her clients to use to facilitate themselves.

Solving complex problems:

When clients are faced with complex problems that they find difficult to resolve on their own, Ruth works with them and their stakeholders to:

  • Research the problem fully from the point of view of different stakeholders.
  • Use systems thinking to diagnose the root cause of the problem.
  • Identify the core issues that need to be addressed. (Based on the 20/80 principle)
  • Provide a few focused solutions to solve the problem.

In doing so, she works on the principle of "Less is more". Identify and resolve the core problem - and separate these from the symptoms of the problem.


Ruth has presented programmes in leadership, strategic planning, strategy implementation, innovation, change management and facilitation for a number of business schools in South Africa. Today she runs a number of highly practical, in house training courses. These which can be seen in the training section of this website. All of these courses are customized to meet your organizations goals and requirements. All of these courses have a train-the-trainer option.


Change Designs Publishing produces practical tools, charts, posters and books for consultants, coaches, leaders and facilitators in strategy, change and innovation. These tools allow a group to achieve more benefits, with less effort, and in far less time than traditional facilitation. Using these tools, a group will achieve in 2 enjoyable days, what would normally take other facilitators 5 days of hard work, to achieve. These tools are available for purchase from our shop.


We believe that the journey to achieving anything can become an exciting adventure of self discovery, empowerment & achievement - with a little imagination and expertise.

Our tools, training, and interventions are designed to take the drudgery out of strategic planning, culture change, change management, innovation or facilitation.

Our 20 years of experience means we don't waste time on doing what doesn't work in the real world.

By focusing on the practical, and by knowing what is needed for you to achieve your goals, we are quickly able to build trust with your teams.

We provide real results with full engagement from your team.

We provide a space within which your teams can contribute in creative ways, to creating and achieving any strategy, culture or project. By mixing and matching our powerful tools and training courses, your teams will experience the delight that comes from achieving far more than they ever imagined possible.

But the legacy we leave behind, is the excitement and confidence that your teams have - in their own ability, their own creativity, and their own power.

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    Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes. Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, strategic alignment, culture change, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement.


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  • Winning-The-Game-of-Change


    Winning the game of change. A game used to develop a change management strategy or plan. Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization.


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  • The Change Cycle Cards

    The Change Cycle Cards

    Change management cycle cards. Manage resistance to change. Used by managers, project managers and change agents.


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