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Ken Ideus, Ed. D, MA, BSC

Ken Ideus

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Ken Ideus has remained on the leading edge of human development for his entire career, now spanning 40 years. His work has taken him to nearly 50 countries during that time and has included successful careers in both corporate and independent business. Ken has been identified as one of the most effective personal and executive coaches in the industry. Born in the US and living in London for the past 20 years, his academic qualifications include both an MA and a PhD in Education.

Ken appreciates fine musical instruments and plays a Washburn Mandolin.

Ken writes articles for Changle Designs around various aspects of leadership. He has developed a range of coaching and leadership tools some of which are available in the member's zone. He continues to develop new tools for the Change Designs member zone as well as providing creative input into Change Designs.

Dr Ideus' work in human growth and development spans over 40 years of experience across a range of contexts:  from mental health to corporate leadership, organisation development and work with the human voice.  Over the years, he has developed extensive experience in Europe, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, China, South America and Africa. 

Following a successful corporate career, culminating as global head of leadership development for BP in 1996, Ken founded Delta Partnership Ltd. of London, a network based consultancy providing organization development and executive coaching services to a range of international clients. Working through his private practice, I-Deos Consulting, since 2011 his work continues to focus on strategic learning, business change, organisation capability building, leadership coaching and authentic expression through Leader's Voice® (  He received his Doctorate in Education from Boston University, is a member of the International Futures Forum as well as NTL (National Training Laboratories) and served as chairperson of the International Programmes Committee of the European Foundation for Management Development.  He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Imperial College London and is currently on the visiting faculty of Southern Methodist University's Master's Programme in International Conflict Resolution and will be joining the visiting faculty at Wits Business School, Centre for Leadership. 

His new model, based on researching success and failure in joint ventures in the energy industry,  "Collaboration in a Competitive World" has been publised as a practitioner's tool in the recently released "Building Better Teams", published by Pfeiffer, and his integrated frame for human development has served as the core for the  recently released book "Finding Merlin", a roadmap for human development by Kate Cowie, published by Marshall-Cavendish. 

Ken now resides in London balancing his time between there and Johannesburg.

A partial past and present client list includes:

  • Nielsen Market Research
  • BP
  • HSBC
  • ebay
  • Heineken
  • Universal Studios
  • AngloAmerican
  • Sonair Angola
  • Shell
  • Government of Southern Sudan

Professional Overview

Thirty-five plus years of experience in the individual and organisation development arena with mental health, government, telecoms, energy, mining, entertainment, finance and marketing sectors experience.  Functional roles have included change support, training, business education, organisation development, executive coaching and strategic consulting.  Multicultural experience includes Southeast Asia, China, Middle East, Africa, South America, Western and Central Europe, the United Kingdom and the US.  Special knowledge areas include business change, strategy and behaviour, developmental psychology applied to leadership, neuroscience applications, creation of knowledge assets, collaboration and transition tools and frameworks.


Boston University                1988-1991

Doctor of Education. Focus on management and corporate education and systems theory.  Completed Boards and Dissertation Research with Honours.  Nominated to Boston University Post Graduate Honours Society.  Boards research:  Misguided Tax Policy - The Negative Impact of Tax Policy on Education Aspiration.  Dissertation Research:  The Correlation Between Locus of Control and Career Satisfaction in Corporate Employment.

Alaska Pacific University     1981-1983

Master of Arts - Education.  Boards Paper:  Intentionality in Education and the Impact on Human Development.  Dissertation:  The Correlation Between Job Satisfaction and a Range of Workplace Variables.

Dana College         1968-1972

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, minor in Psychology, emphasis on medical sociology

Professional History – Detail

2010 – Present – Principal and Director – IDEOS Consulting

Strategic learning advice and consulting to multinational firms implementing significant changes in organisation, business and operating models with a focus on the behavioural implications of these changes at various levels in the organisation and for suppliers and partners.  Interventions include 1:1 Executive Coaching, business team alignment and large group alignment and collaboration.

On a consulting basis, my work has included coaching CEOs and senior executives with multinational corporations; advising on strategic learning initiatives to support business change and development of future leadership potential; strategic advice to the board of a national oil company in Africa on professionalizing a post war business that holds the majority of the country's current and future resources; and designing strategic interventions to help major businesses align their leaders with the evolution of their companies in response to changes in local and global environments. 

2006 – Present – Principal and Director – Express Yourself Ltd.

  • Lead and direct the programme "Leader's Voice" focused on voice as a key instrument for creating change and future aspirations in organisations.  This programme was founded at Abbey Road Studios in London and is based on the principles of authentic expressions found in the "singer/songwriter" world of musical composition and performance.  Each process included in the programme is based on sound, researched principles which are geared toward keeping the programme focused on personal leader development.  The process has been proven across multiple cultures and organization environments.

1997 - 2010 – Founder-Director – Delta Partnership Ltd.

The Delta Partnership is a Limited company, created in 1996, which operates a business network of highly experienced professional consultants involved in a range of organisation development, coaching and mentoring activities.  The Network is held together by shared values, goals and purpose and a balancing drive for distinction and diversity.  Products and services are linked to the single mission of raising the level of development and functioning of both individuals and organisations through the use of an integral approach.  The Network operates on both traditional and emergent organisational concepts, exampling in its own structure the principles it professes.

1988-1996 – British Petroleum

Held various roles with BP (British Petroleum) culminating as Head of Leadership Development for BP Group in 1994.  Roles included Training Supervisor - Management Development; Internal Advisor - Exploration and Development Change Team under Lord Browne; Manager of Leadership and Technology Education for the International Exploration and Technology divisions; HR Manger for the Frontiers and International Commercial and Business Group; and lastly, Head of Leadership development for BP Group.  Additional assignments included serving as key architect for changing the group's career management structure, creating a breakthrough process for finding and bringing graduates to full contribution in months vs. years, and addressing the multi-cultural issues facing the corporation.  Pioneered the company's efforts in staff localisation in locations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China and the Middle East.

1985-1988 – Anchorage Telecom

Head of Education and Organisation Development for Anchorage Telecom, the first private company in the US to go fully digital with its ISDN network and the first in the US to provide fiber-optic communication lines for business.  The role took place during the de-regulation of the phone industry in the US. Responsibilities included building strategies with senior line management and the GM to take the company from regulated to de-regulated, competitive status.  This shift took place in a heavy industrial relations environment requiring high levels of collaboration between unions and the business.  My work in creating new career structures and opportunities for all levels of staff in the organisation led to national recognition and several national conference addresses over subsequent years.

1973-1985 – Behavioural Roles

Various roles in the private and public sectors focused on behavioural health issues with a focus on young criminal offenders, private mental health and drug and alcohol abuse issues at local and national levels.  Worked to create ground breaking approaches for applying group and individual counselling to generate higher success rates with young offenders than had previously been achieved in the criminal justice system and created the nation's first competency based credentialing system for paraprofessional counsellors.

Professional Positions and Memberships Held


Visiting Faculty – Wits Business School, Leadership Centre
Guest Faculty – Southern Methodist University – Dublin Programme
Co-Founder and Honorary Chancellor – MIKESI University – Western Equatoria, Southern Sudan
Royal Commonwealth Society
International Futures Forum
NeuroLeadership Institute
National Training Laboratories (NTL)


Adjunct Faculty – California State University – Hayward – Counselling and therapy approaches
Associate Faculty – Alaska Pacific University – Anchorage – Community Power and Organisation
Adjunct Faculty – Imperial College – London – Management Education
Board Member – European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)
Chair – International Projects Committee (EFMD)
Member – Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House

Current and Recent Clients

  • Standard Life Financial Group
  • Dana Petroleum
  • SaudiAramco
  • BP
  • John Lewis Partnership
  • Nielsen Market Research
  • AngloAmerican – Supply Chain and Corporate
  • Ebay
  • Danone
  • Angola National Oil Company
  • Universal Studios

Examples of Key Projects

  • Supply chain transformation at AngloAmerican
  • Government Capability Development – Southern Sudan
  • Professionalization of Angola National Oil Company (Sonangol)
  • Transformation of AC Nielsen Business Model - Europe
  • Transition of Shell Europe from multi-country to single European structure
  • Transformation of Nielsen Global Data Acquisition from multi-country structure to regional networks
  • Supporting Organisation Development in support of Danone shift to Cluster led organisation
  • Supporting the merger creating Halifax-Bank of Scotland

Special Interests

International Development – Nation Building Project in Southern Sudan based on educating and training of nation wide civil servants to enable a democratic/civil society.  Funded and mentored into development a business enterprise in Western Equatoria, Sudan, bringing the Internet, computer education and now a management institute and university to this rural capitol of several thousand people.

Sponsorship of the Arts – Sponsored "Conflict and Costume", a photo essay of the Herero Tribe in Namibia by Jim Naughten.  Developing a project to provide focused exposure to key players in the music industry for developing singer-songwriters.

Activities: Mountain Biking, scuba diving, hiking/trekking, writing music, sailing and working on my 1927 built Dutch barge, the Catharina.

Recent Publications

"The Goals-Values Matrix: A Framework and Tool for Building Collaboration", in Building Better Teams, Robert W. Barner, Ph.D. and Charlotte Barner, Ed.D, 2012 John Wiley and Sons

Finding Merlin: A Handbook for the Human Development Journey, Kate Cowie, 2012 Marshall Cavendish,  Served as coach and mentor for the author, providing the basic developmental concepts and framework for the book.

Articles and tools by Ken Ideus on Change Designs

  • Visual mapping development tool. By Ken Ideus. Map out your aspirations and create your own balanced development plan. This attractive visual tool helps you to map your context and aspirations, and develop plans along 4 dimensions: Aspirations, Values, Functions and Behaviors.
  • MapAhead personal goal planning tool. By Ken Ideus. One of the best tools to help you achieve personal or career goals. Use this visual tool to map your journey and identify and overcome challenges along the way. The online coaching provided with the tool, helps ensure you achieve any goal you set yourself.
  • MapAhead. A coaching tool for project teams by Ken Ideus.A powerful coaching tool for project teams to use during the project initiation phase. Use it to map out what your team will need to do to achieve success during your project. Identify what no one ever tells you about - the hidden aspects that make or break a project.
  • Authentic leadership The first in a series of articles by Ken Ideus on leadership, communication, values, authenticity and voice.
  • A working definition for leadership. The second in a series of articles by Ken Ideus on authentic leadership. It provides a simple yet enlightening view of what it takes to lead.
  • What is communication? The third in a series of articles by Ken Ideus on authentic leadership. It provides a fresh way of looking at the purpose of communication and the steps in the communication process.
  • Barriers to communication The fourth in a series of articles by Ken Ideus on authentic leadership. It shows where communication goes wrong, and what you can do as a sender or a receiver to overcome the most common barriers to communication.
  • Values made simple The fifth in the series of articles on authentic leadership. It explains personal and organizational values, how they guide our decisions, and how they change as we mature or our context chagnes.
  • In search of authenticy The sixth in the series of articles on authentic leadership, Ken explains simply what authenticity is and isn't, and how authenticity leaves others with a memorable experience of what we stand for.
  • The role of emotion The seventh article in the authentic leadership series. Here Ken explains the connection between thinking and emotion and how our emotional guidance system powers our decisions.
  • The leaders' voice The 8th article in the authentic leadership series. Here Ken explains what a voice is, how to find your own voice, and how to use your voice to lead authentically.
  • Transformation and the Development Journey Transformation as part of personal growth and the journey of leadership development.
  • The leader's will The will behind the voice of the authentic leader.
  • Be the message How authentic leaders communciate change by becoming the message.
leaders voice

Ken Ideus is the primary designer and lead facilitator for Leader's Voice®, a powerful development experience for young, middle and senior leaders. It is a process that fuses insights from music and performance, human development, neuroscience and in-depth leadership coaching. It has trained hundreds of leaders from at least 15 countries in organisations and industry sectors ranging from Energy, Mining, Finance, Retail, Entertainment, Food and Beverage and Health Care to the Military and NGO's.

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