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Change your organizational culture by changing behaviour.




Do you have a business reason for trying to change your organization's culture? Are you trying to get people to be more customer focused, or innovative because its crucial to achieving your strategy, or just because you've been told its the right thing to do? Are you frustrated with workshops, interventions and roadshows designed to change an organizational culture, but achieve nothing at all?

  • Is your organization getting more complaints than thank you letters from your customers?
  • Are your employees too scared of going against procedure or their bosses, to help their customers?
  • Do your leaders see values and culture as an HR issue, and nothing to do with them?
  • Do your middle managers complain that values have nothing to do with the business?
  • Do employees complain that their managers prevent them from living the new values?

Imagine if you could actually get people at all levels of your organization to behave in ways that help you to achieve your strategy.

Once you have developed a powerful strategy, we help the CEO and his/her executives design a culture to get people at all levels of the organization behaving in ways that support that strategy.

Getting people to change the way they behave to support a new strategy requires more than just a few workshops and a few new rewards.

Culture is the sum total of everything we do in organizations. So to change the culture, you need to understand the domino effect. You need to change all the pillars that hold up the existing culture, so that they now support the desired new culture.

Need help in making a new culture stick?

  • Do you need to develop new values to support a new organizational strategy?
  • Do you need help in getting leaders, managers, and employees throughout the organization to practice, recognize, and reward people who behave in ways to support the new values?
  • Do you need help in making the new values stick?
  • Is culture a priority of your CEO?

Empower people at all levels to support your culture and strategy.


Once you have developed a powerful strategy, we will help the CEO and his leadership teams to:

  • Develop values to support the organizational strategy.
  • Develop a culture change strategy to get people throughout the organization behaving in ways to support both the strategy and values of the organization
  • Help select a steering committee, a team of middle managers and change agents, to drive culture change throughout the organization
  • Work with the steering committee to plan the first phase of the culture change. This includes changing different organizational pillars to support the new culture.
  • Train up middle managers and change agents on their role in communicating and inspiring employees to live the new values.
  • Giving people at all levels something practical to do.
  • Changing the way leaders behave to support employees who are living the new values.

We know from experience that culture change needs a series of carefully designed and coordinated interventions. Interventions that:

  1. Help people at all levels know what to do to support the organization's culture and strategy.
  2. Encourage people at all levels to try out new behaviors.
  3. Ensure that when people behave in ways to support the new culture, they get noticed and recognised.
  4. Provide a channel for employees to talk about any barriers that prevent them from behaving according to the new values.
  5. Deal with status quo protectors.
The bottom line of any culture change, is how people behave to their customers and to one another.

As employees, middle managers, change agents, and steering committee go through these interventions, they get are encouraged to think outside of the box and create. They laugh. They play. They produce. They perform. They see how they can be their best, and delight their customers. They get inspired. They try out new things. They get rewarded. They go into a vicious cycle of creativity, delighted customers, recognition, and further creativity. They begin living the new culture.

About your corporate culture consultant and facilitator.


Ruth Tearle is an international strategic management consultant, facilitator and author, who is known for her ability to help organizations. design and achieve the future they want.

Prior to consulting, Ruth received an MBA Cum Laude from the University of Stellenbosch and was head of Strategic Planning in Southern Life.

Now, known as both a dynamic strategist and an inspiring consultant and mentor, Ruth has consulted both in South Africa and internationally in the fields of strategy, strategy execution, culture change, and change management. She has clients in South Africa, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. In her 21 year consulting career, she has worked in just about every industry - from banking to mining, from construction and hospitality to government, from non government organisations to state owned enterprises.

Today she has the expertise to custom design interventions to meet just about any client's situation.

See her extensive client list here. See her detailed resume here.

Ruth Tearle has a team of hand picked, highly experienced consultants each of whom specialise in different industries.

Who we work with:

We work mainly with CEOs and groups of his/her choosing, because:

  1. Strategy execution and building the right culture is a key responsibility of a CEO (at Group or organization level).
  2. The CEO needs to role model the behaviours he wants from his leaders, who in turn need to role model these behaviours to employees. Without the CEO's support, culture change just doesn't happen.

How we work

  1. We begin by talking to the CEO on his frustrations with the existing culture, and what is holding that culture in place. We also talk about the culture he needs to develop in order to support his strategy. We look at the benefits he wants to achieve from a culture change.
  2. Together with the CEO, we agree on the objectives of a culture change planning workshop.
  3. We then custom design and facilitate a workshop, which gets the top leaders in the organisation to design the culture they want, and the process for getting it to stick.
  4. Together with the CEO, we select a steering committee that will implement the culture change plan. We train the steering committee.
  5. We select and train up teams of middle managers to drive the culture change in their areas.
  6. We select and train up teams of internal change agents to communicate the new culture to employees.
  7. Together with the steering committee, we design and implement a number of interventions that help achieve behavioural change, and develop the managers and change agents to support new behaviours.
  8. Our fees vary, depending on the complexity and scope of the work that needs to be done to achieve the benefits the CEO wants.

Contact Change Designs if:

  • You are a CEO.
  • You see culture as the other half of strategy. How people need to behave to support your strategy.
  • You are not looking for a quick fix. Rather you are prepared to do what it takes to build the culture you want.

Want more information?

For further information on how we can help you, fill in the contact us form, or email us at

In your email tell us about:

  • Your company - size, industry, number of employees, location.
  • Your existing culture - and your frustrations with this.
  • The type of culture you want in the future.
  • How the future culture will support your strategy.
  • Your name, position in the company and contact details.

We will then get in contact with you.

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