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Want a better strategic planning result? Use a strategic planning facilitator.

Get your team to think  OUT OF THE BOX.


Are you tired of spread sheets, templates, endless presentations, debates and question and answer sessions that seem to achieve nothing new? Is your team merely going through the motions and pretending to 'do strategy?

  • Is your team bored with methodologies and processes that are too theoretical?
  • Do people complain that nothing new ever comes out of their strategy sessions and that strategic plans never get implemented?
  • Is your team playing by the old rules for a game that no longer exists?
  • Do you struggle to get people to participate or think strategically at strategy conferences?
  • Do you find that after a strategic planning conference, people still complain that the vision is not clear and they still need direction?
  • Do people leave a strategy conference feeling bored and relieved that it is finally over?

Imagine if during your strategic planning workshop, a brilliant idea emerged.

An idea that would delight your customers, reduce costs, give your organization a competitive advantage and excite your team.

An out-of-the-box idea so powerful that it will change the rules for success in your industry.

One paradigm shifting idea like this will pay for your entire strategy workshop and more!

Our participative team based strategy workshops combine up to date strategic research and strategic analysis with creative out-of-the-box thinking to produce a powerful strategic plan.

A strategic plan that excites and motivates your leadership team. A strategy that helps your leadership team focus on the 20% of actions that will provide 80% of its future results.

Need help in developing a powerful strategic plan?

Do you need to develop a powerful strategic plan, that will meet the needs of different stakeholders - the CEO, the board of directors, the heads of divisions and the delegates attending a strategic planning conference?

Do you need someone to facilitate a group of up to 32 people, and help them to work together effectively to develop a common vision and strategic plan that they are all proud of?


Do you need to develop a plan that:

  • You can present to your board of directors or global parent company.
  • The end result of a successful strategic planning session is a powerful strategic plan, approved by your board of directors, plus a team that is united and excited about their future.
  • Helps you to build a leadership team, united by a common vision or plan for the future.
  • Helps your leadership team to focus on the 20% of goals/activities that will generate 80% of their future success.
  • Gets your team to easily identify new growth opportunities for the organization in a changing environment.
  • Provides everyone with a clear understanding of the vision going forward.
  • Can easily be communicated throughout the organization.
  • Has total buy-in from your team?
  • Is clear enough to guide decision making throughout the organization?

Get buy-in and build excitement around your strategic plan.

Developing a common vision or strategic plan, does not come from talking, but from doing.

We help to build excitement and energy around your strategic plan through our participative, team based strategic planning process.

We know from experience that out of the box strategic thinking does not come from knowing, but from doing. So we provide carefully designed activities. Activities that achieve two goals simultaneously. They help your team to do the analyses and work required to build a strategic plan - whilst at the same time encouraging them to be creative and have fun.

As the groups go through the series of activities, they laugh, play and create. By facilitating the group dynamics, and using a combination of right brained and left brained activities, and providing tools and research that make it easy for your team to achieve, we bring out the best in your team.

When groups perform at their best, they are delighted by what they are able to achieve. A powerful strategic plan, that pops out of the team based strategic planning process. And a vision of the future that excites them, and makes them feel proud to belong to their organization.

About your strategic planning consultant and facilitator.


Ruth Tearle is an international strategic planning consultant, facilitator and author, who is known for her ability to help groups to develop high quality, practical strategic plans - in an exciting workshop environment.

Prior to consulting, Ruth received an MBA Cum Laude from the University of Stellenbosch and was head of Strategic Planning in Southern Life.

Now, known as both a dynamic strategist and an engaging facilitator, Ruth has consulted both in South Africa and internationally in the fields of strategy and change management. She has clients in South Africa, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. In her 21 year consulting career, she has worked in just about every industry - from banking to mining, from construction and hospitality to government, from NGO’s to parastatals.

Today she has the expertise to custom design interventions to meet just about any clients goal’s and work with people at any level.

See her extensive client list here. See her detailed resume here.

Ruth Tearle has a team of hand picked, highly experienced consultants each of whom specialise in different industries.

Who we work with:

We work mainly with CEOs and groups of his/her choosing, because:

  1. Strategy development and implementation are key responsibilities of a CEO (at Group or organization level).
  2. When a CEO does not drive the strategy process - any workshops held become a waste of everyone's time and the organization's money. This is because everyone knows the strategy won't get implemented, unless it is driven by the CEO.

How we work

  1. We begin by talking to the CEO on his goals, his frustrations, and the challenges his organization and industry are facing. We also discuss his expectations of the strategy process. i.e. the benefits he wants to get out of a strategy process.
  2. Together with the CEO, we agree on the objectives of a strategic planning process for his organization
  3. We then custom design a strategic planning process to achieve those objectives. This may include elements such as:
    • Strategic research on industry trends, customer trends, and broader macro environmental trends.
    • Interviews with important stakeholders from inside and outside the organization
    • We custom design a participative workshop.
    • We advise the CEO on who to include in the workshop - based on the benefits he wants to achieve. We also advise on how to set up the expectations of delegates - so they arrive at the workshop ready to think strategically.
    • We facilitate the strategy workshop.
    • We document the workshop outcomes in the form of a formal strategic plan that can be shown off to a board of directors with pride.
    • We also help the CEO to plan how to execute the new strategy.
  4. Our fees vary, depending on the complexity and scope of the work that needs to be done to achieve the benefits the CEO wants.

Contact Change Designs if you want:

  • An experienced strategist, strategic planning consultant and facilitator who can custom design a strategic planning process to give you the results you want.
  • An experienced strategy facilitator who makes complex processes simple, practical and relevant to your organization.
  • An interactive team based strategic planning workshop that is exciting, stimulating creative and powerful.
  • Out of the box thinking from your team.
  • Practical facilitation and powerful results.
  • Someone who gets the best out of your team though a skilled use of group dynamics and powerful toolkits.
  • To energize your team around a common vision of the future. One that is detailed and specific enough to guide your leaders in the future.
  • A custom designed workshop filled with creativity, fun, and positive energy.
  • Someone to help your team take the quality of your strategic planning process to a new higher level.
  • Someone to help your evaluate and improve the quality of your strategic plan.
  • Someone to act as a mentor for your strategy process.

Want more information?

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