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Inspire yourself thoughout the working year.

By Ruth Tearle

The start of a new year is supposed to make us feel full motivated. Instead for many of us, getting back from a carefree holiday to a year filled with expectations, duties and responsibilities, makes us feel claustrophobic. We know we will be confronted by the same expectations, demands, issues and challenges of the previous year. We wonder how and if we will ever get our mojo back.

This article shows you how to stay inspired throughout the working year.

Look up.

web-of-lifeAs adults, we have spent years spinning silken threads of roles, responsibilities, relationships, and habits into a web that now defines our life. Sometimes we feel trapped. We have become entangled in a web of duty. We wonder if this is all there is out there. All we have to look forward to. Our world seems restricted to the web we have spun for ourselves.

Sometimes a dewdrop of inspiration lands in our web. We meet a person who fills us with hope and energy. We hear a song that touches our soul. We read a book that reminds us of who we once were or who we could become. We feel nourished, excited. For a moment we become aware that there is more to life than the duty web we have created. As we look up, we think it is time to get our mojo back. To connect with our creative spirits. And enjoy a sense of wonder again. But we don’t know how.

Look up. Know that the world and life is more than what you are experiencing now.

Go high. Look down on your world.


Sometimes it takes a physical act to get a different perspective on life. So, get some height. Go up a mountain. Take a lift to the top floor of a tall building.

Look down at the view below. See how what was large becomes smaller than your thumb. Observe how what looked important or ominous on the ground seems insignificant from above.

Get a Gulliver perspective of your life’s web. Notice how problems that loomed large in your spiders web, shrink when looked at from a different view point.

Imagine yourself – a Lilliputian, dragging a heavy bag filled with fears, frustrations, anger and hurts. Become a Gulliver. Gently take the bag off your Lilliputian back, and hurl it into the sea. Now, without the burden of your back, you can stand up tall and look up at the sky and the horizon.

Go beyond your horizons.

Imagine you were the hero in the adventure of your own life. Think of the horizons in your life today.

  • Where are the boundaries regarding what you can and can’t do, and what is and isn’t possible for you?
  • If you explore the world beyond your web, where would you end up?
  • How could you sail beyond the horizon of your current world, making your life and your world bigger?
  • What new things could you discover, or learn, if you were to be a life adventurer?
  • What rainbow would you chase?

Make your world bigger. Create a new horizon for yourself. Create a sense of adventure in your life.  Do something new. Choose something that is difficult or risky for you to do. Something that will give you a sense of excitement, and trepidation. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Something that requires discipline, concentration, patience, courage and hard work.

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. it may be a bold, risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. (Wikipedia definition.)

Learn something new. Study for a degree, learn a musical instrument, and take up a new hobby or sport. It doesn’t matter what it is - whether you choose paddling, swimming, Tai chi, art, craft, screen writing or writing a book. Just choose something that will allow you to sail away from your daily routines for an hour or so each day.


Become a beginner.

Experience the freedom that comes from being a beginner. Learn how to struggle, stretch, achieve and grow as you master and perfect a new skill. Become a disciple. Find a master or coach to guide you in your adventure. Remember to reward their investment of time and energy in you, by practicing, focusing and being disciplined.

Be disciplined - stay on the path.

On-the-pathThe key to being disciplined in managing your diary. You shape your life, by how you spend your time. When planning your diary, divide your time into different segments or sections of your life. For example you may have work time, family and friends' time, adventure time, health time and spiritual time.

Allocate time in your diary to each segment of your life. For example you may choose to do sport, meditate, or spend time on your adventure early in the morning before work. This will set you up to feel positive about the day ahead. Your working hours may be 8:30 – 5:00. Your lunch hour may be used to meet friends or exercise. Evenings and weekends may be family time, or time for yourself.

Once you’ve allocated time for each segment, tell the people connected to the different sections of your life, the time you have reserved for them. Create priorities within each time segment. Don’t allow one segment to encroach on the other. For example, don’t allow work or family to encroach on time you’ve set aside for your adventure. Learn to say "I can’t help you right now, but let me consult my diary and see when I can help you."

Fly high - stay inspired.

Fly-highLet your new world take centre space in your life. Make an hour a day adventure time a non-negotiable in your life. Protect this time and it will become the highlight of your day. Make it the thing you must do - to feel alive. Put it at the top of your priority list, or wake up an hour earlier, and start the day by broadening your world.

See how each day takes on a new texture, when you begin it with doing something that takes you higher. As you devote your energy to your new horizon, see how much more energy you have for your daily responsibilities– and how those seem to be less frustrating and difficult.

Learn to enjoy your life!

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