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Restore your energy. Bring back the magic into your life.

By Ruth Tearle

The reality - adult responsibilities

As the year ends, many of us feel depleted. Trapped in a world of responsibility and expectations, we easily lose the energy and hope that we had when we were young and carefree. An adult working life often means rushing from one task to another, ticking our progress off a never ending to-do list, producing to deadlines, attending meetings or fighting political battles. At the same time we are told to achieve more using less. Our bosses and customers have become far more demanding. There is no time or money for pie in the sky ideas or unnecessary extras. For many of us, the meaning and significance has gone out of our jobs. Surrounded by the reality and limitations of our working lives, we often feel trapped. We lose our power. Our courage. It is as if the magic has gone out of our lives, replaced with tedious drudgery. Small wonder we sometimes feel disappointed and weary. As adults we have lost the art of being care free. Sometimes, even when we don’t have anything to worry about, or we have some time off free from responsibilities, we forget how to let go, and enjoy ourselves. We have forgotten where to find the free spirit we used to be before we got beaten into shape by life.

Be a free spirit- for a moment

Sail the sea of your imagination

Sail imaginationAs children we knew how to create imaginary worlds.


In our mind's eye we could transport ourselves to a land where happiness grows, dreams flourish and magic begins. A place where nothing is ordinary. We could make believe that we were in land filled with color, strange characters, music, energy and a sense of freedom. A place where wonderful things could happen at any time. A place where we could relax, and be ourselves.


imaginationUnlike the real world, where are told to conform, in our fantasy worlds, being different from others simply made us the star of our own show. Like in a circus, we could be the queen of fat, or the king of shortness. As long as we had a free spirit, the world was enchanted by us. In our fantasy world, we could do what seemed impossible in the world of reality. All we needed was a touch of courage to overcome any trials, and a belief in the power of guides to help us achieve any dream.

We were limited only by our imagination and trust. In our imaginations, we visited a land where the impossible is something we just do.

Use the power of imagination to transform your life.

No matter how short our visit is, when we return from an imaginary world, we are left with the glitter of courage, power, and happiness on our shoulders. This magic dust gives us energy to cope with our adult responsibilities in a different way. With more energy, creativity and personal meaning.

Why we as adults, need to get in touch with our imagination.

Here are seven practical reasons for taking time out to stimulate your imagination. By allowing yourself to get enchanted, captivated and enthralled by a different world you will:

Fantasy is imagination unrestricted by reality.

Dictionary definition.

  1. Renew your well  of energy, and happiness.
  2. Enhance your creativity.
  3. Believe in your own power again.
  4. Encourage yourself to dream again
  5. Create a life of purpose and significance.
  6. Become the hero of your own life.
  7. Have the energy and creativity to tackle life's challenges throughout the year.

How to recapture the art of imagination.


As adults, here are 10 practical things you can do, to transport yourself into an imaginary world -for a short time.


  1. Go to a circus or carnival.
  2. Visit the theatre.
  3. Hold a fancy dress party.
  4. Read a fairy story. Or a  children’s  book.
  5. Read a fantasy novel.
  6. Go into nature – and  imagine yourself in a wonderland.
  7. Buy some paints or crayons and draw whatever your hand wants you to .
  8. Listen to music, and imagine the story behind the musical notes.
  9. Create an imaginary world where ever you are
  10. Write your own fantasy story.


Take time out to visit an imaginary world. Allow yourself to be enthralled and enchanted by your own imagination. Start dreaming about possibilities. Enjoy simple things. Rediscover your energy and power. Rekindle an enthusiasm for life.

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