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10 reasons why we don't follow our passion.

By Ruth Tearle

eagleIf you had to go on a TV show entitled ‘This is your life”. What would it show?

  • Would it show you living a live of passion and purpose? Or would it show you living a life weighed down by responsibilities?
  • Would you be happy or struggling? Full of energy or weary? Being wise or just clever? Inspired or just too tired? Living a life of purpose and being fully in the moment, or waiting for the world to change?

Have you discovered your passion? And have you found a way to be truly you as you live your purpose?

There are 10 reasons why we don't do what we love, or live our purpose.

1. We wait for others.

We wait for others to change. We wait for the world to change. We wait and wait. Our lives are on standby while we wait. Our life becomes one long act of waiting. We forget the truism that "Nothing changes until we change." We become spectators rather than actors in the story of our own lives.

2. We need too much.

Needing others to make us feel good about ourselves, distracts us from following our dreams.

We crave recognition from others. We need to be loved. We need to feel important. We need to be needed. We need others to be there for us. We need to be accepted. We need to control others. We need to possess things. We are driven by our needs rather than our dreams.

3. We meet others' needs too much.

We put ourselves last. We meet everyone else's needs before our own. We spend our time and energy with needy people whose needs are never satisfied. We don't have time for ourselves - let alone for our passion.

4. We need to maintain a lifestyle.


We tell ourselves we can't afford to follow our dreams. Early on in our careers, we work to fund what we need. Food. Clothes. Heating. A home. Raising children. Educating children.

Later on we get into the habit of spending money on things we don't need, but can afford.

We forget to prioritise. We hate our jobs. We have dreams to follow. But maintaining our lifestyle becomes more important than following our passion.

5. We need to impress others.

We try to impress others, or prove ourselves to others. We spend our money on trying to be good enough for someone else, or trying to fit into their lifestyle or values.

While trying to impress others, we depress ourselves.

We buy what we can't afford, just to impress others. We spend money on possessions rather than on our dreams, just to show off to others.

When others sound impressed with us, we feel good about ourselves. When others fails to notice our efforts, it affects how we feel about ourselves.

6. We allow others to determine our worth.

We spend our time and energy proving ourselves to others, who are just not interested in us. We get disappointed that they don't value us. So we try harder to meet their approval. When we don't get noticed by others, we believe we are less worthy.

When we allow others to determine our worth, we give them power over our life and our dreams.

7. We allow numbers to measure our worth.

We measure our worth in numbers. We measure our weight in kilograms rather than in how healthy we are. We measure our BMI (body mass index) rather than how strong we are. We measure our heart rates. Our income. How high we are on the corporate ladder. When the numbers drop, we feel depressed or less worthy.

We measure what is easy to measure, rather than what is worth measuring.

We don't measure what is really important. We don't measure progress we have made towards living the life we want, or achieving our dreams.,

We measure what is easy to measure.

8. We are trapped by fear.


We feel trapped by fear. Often while we want to make a change, we are immoblised through our fears.

To move beyond our fear requires courage. Courage is defined as the ability to face difficulty, pain or fear.

We forget that if we are unhappy now, we are already dealing with difficulty and pain. So why can't we use the same courage we already have, to begin a new path? A path that will lead us to happiness.

9. Needing to be in control.

We feel we need to be in control. We try to control others. We seek to control events. We get frustrated when people don't behave as we wish, or events don't play out as we've planned. We are trapped by fear, because the unknown is not something we feel we have control over. We forget that the only thing in life we can seek to control, is our own minds and our own behaviour. For everything else, control is an illusion.

10. We look only at the surface.

When thinking about ourselves and others, we often only look at the surface. We put our faith in fools' gold. Money, power, status, position, intelligence, fame, recognition and social acceptance. Little do we realise that this fools' gold is given to people by fate, and can be taken away just as easily.

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