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Begin to build the life you want. Focus on how you spend your time and energy. Get the results you've always dreamed of.

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Develop a personal life and career strategy

  • Turbocharge your careerWhy do some people find it easy to negotiate promotions or salary increases? To earn more, be worth more. 10 practical things you can do to be worth more to any company.

Simplify your life

  • Make success a habitWhat makes some people successful while others struggle year after year. This article describes the habits of successful people.

Coach and develop yourself with our self coaching tools.

  • How to achieve personal or career goals. How to use MapAhead - a coaching tool to help you achieve whatever goal you set yourself. Map your journey. Use the icons and coaching in the tool to identify challenges you will need to overcome and support you can use along the way.
  • MapAhead personal goal planning tool. By Ken Ideus. One of the best tools to help you achieve personal or career goals. Use this visual tool to map your journey and identify and overcome challenges along the way. The online coaching provided with the tool, helps ensure you achieve any goal you set yourself.
  • Visual mapping development tool. By Ken Ideus. Map out your aspirations and create your own balanced development plan. This attractive visual tool helps you to map your context and aspirations, and develop plans along 4 dimensions: Aspirations, Values, Functions and Behaviors.
  • Personal focus tool: Value-for-time analysisAnswer the questions in this online tool to assess the value you are getting from your time, and where you need to make changes.
  • Personal focus tool: Set personal boundariesDon't say 'Yes' when you should say 'No.' Use this online tool to create boundaries for yourself. Get practical tips on how to communicate them. Gain control of your life, your time and your energy.
  • Personal focus tool: Create a personal visionThis personal visioning tool will help you to develop a clear picture of what you would be like if you were successful - at achieving a goal, a dream, or living the life you want. It will help you to focus on what truly matters to you.
  • Personal focus tool: Identify your focus areas.Although we are very busy, we often don't achieve what we want to. To truly achieve, we need to focus on the 20% of tasks that will give us 80% benefits. This tool shows you how to choose your focus areas.

Manage politics.



Inspire yourself

Get your energy back. Find out what makes you feel alive, happy and fulfilled.

The pink buttons are free articles. The blue buttons are member tools and guides.

Inspire yourself

Find your passion.

Give a gift to yourself. Visit our shop for a treasure chest of inspiration.


Apply yourself

Take action to get the results you want:

Work with others, master personal change, deal with difficult situations and bring back some fun into your working life.

The pink buttons are free articles. The blue buttons are member tools and guides.

Work with others.

  • Networking - why the tortoise wins. Too busy? Too tired? There is another way. Get an army of helpers to get things done fast. Use the power of networking to your advantage.
  • Why sales skills equals problem solving skills Sales or selling skills are really problem solving skills in disguise. Colette Symanowitz shows you how to master one of the most vital skills you will need to achieve your career goals.

Master personal change.

  • The essence of personal change. Feel the fear and handle it wisely. Use the head, heart and soul to master any change. The more carefully you plan your change, and the more research you do before you launch into a new life, the less stress you will feel.
  • The heart and soul of personal change. The most difficult part of any change is coping with the feelings - both our own feelings, and those of other people around us who are affected by our change. To master change we need to master two powerful adversaries: ‘habit’ and ‘fear’.

Deal with difficult situations

  • Help I've just been retrenched. "I feel like I have 'fallen off a bus. Nothing is the same. It is as if I no longer exist." If you've just been retrenched, or fear you are going to go through a retrenchment, read this article. Understand what you are going to go through, how you are likely to feel, and what to do to get back on your feet.

Have fun at work

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