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How to achieve goals:

- in your personal life and in your career.


This article describes how to achieve personal goals using the MapAhead coaching tool by Ken Ideus.

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How to achieve goals in your personal life and in your career.

Whenever we have a challenging goal to achieve, whether it is a personal goal or a team goal or project, it involves a journey.

Moving from where we are today to the goal we want to achieve or the type of person we want to become in the future, is often like the journeys of discovery undertaken by great explorers of the past. When we hear the stories of adventurers such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Edmund Hillary or Dr Livingstone –we are enthralled by not only by the fact they achieved their goals, but also by how they overcame numerous challenges along the way.

Achieving goals often involves a journey into the unknown.

Explorers and adventurer go into unknown territory. The unknown is often a frightening and confusing place. To reduce uncertainty, explorers seek to answer a number questions before they set out on their journeys. These include:

MapAhead is a coaching tool that helps you to overcome challenges and achieve your personal or career goals.

  • Where exactly am I going to? How will I know if I get there? How will I know once I have achieved my goal?
  • What is the best route to take?
  • What do I need to know or prepare for before I start my journey?
  • What challenges am I likely to face along the way?
  • What or who will support me on my journey?
  • Are there any guides along the way who will get me back on track if I lose my direction?.

Maps help explorers to navigate their way.

Maps help adventurers to anticipate and prepare for the challenges they are likely to face, and the support they may need as they travel to their destination.

Throughout history, people have used maps to help them define, describe and navigate their expeditions.

Maps provide a visual presentation of the entire journey.

They shows the beginning point, the end destination, the route to be followed, as well as the terrain that can be expected along the way.

MapAhead - a coaching tool to map your personal journey.

MapAhead is a personal coaching tool you can use over and over again, as you plan and progress on your own life journey or work on achieving any personal goal you set yourself. Use MapAhead to create your own coaching map. Then use this map to plan to achieve a career goal, a personal goal or a project.


How MapAhead works.

MapAhead is an interactive coaching tool that helps you to describe and visualise the goal you want to achieve, the route you need to follow to achieve your goal, and the challenges and supports you can expect along the way.

Map your journey.

Begin by describing the territory you want to cover. What type of goal you want to achieve. How long you have to achieve the goal.

Then choose your route. Set and describe your starting point (base camp) and your end destination or goal.



Then prepare for your journey to your goal, identifying and describing potential challenges along the way.


Identify and describe the support you will need use to overcome these challenges and progress towards achieving your goal.


Drag both your challenges and supports onto the map, so you can visualise your journey and anticipate what you are likely to face along the way. Group the challenges and supports where you think they fit together.

MapAhead arrow


Get personal coaching along the route.

Like a real life coach, MapAhead provides coaching at each point along your route. Simply click on any challenge or support image, and a coaching box will open up. It will provide you with information and questions you can use to accurately describe your personal challenge or support. It will also guide you on what actions you might need to take.



Create your own notes and personal map.

Answer the questions provided by your online coach in MapAhead, in the notes section. As you do so, you will discover more about what you need to learn and do to progress to the next stage of your journey. Then plan a list of actions you need to take to help you to move to the next stage of your journey.


Remember to save your map. So that at any point along your journey, using your tablet, phone or computer, you can return to your map, your MapAhead online coach, and your own notes.

Create a report to monitor your progress

Position the hiker on the map, to show which challenges/supports you have achieved, and which you still need to achieve. Then Save your map.


Click the button Report. All the notes you recorded will be presented in a report. The report will display the challenges/supports you have already achieved. (These appear on your map to the left of the hiker.)


This will be followed by the challenges/supports you still need to achieve. (Those that are to the right of the hiker on your map.)


As you achieve more challenges or supports, move the hiker to represent your progress.

Then produce a new report showing what you now have achieved, and what is left to achieve. You can print your report from your browser or use the select report text button at the bottom of the report to copy and paste your report into a word document.

What MapAhead provides that you can't get from anywhere else.

  • An easy to use visual map you can use to guide your journey towards achieving any goal you set for yourself.
  • A self coaching tool to help you to identify and deal with challenges along the way and get the support you need to make your journey both rewarding and successful.
  • The ability to custom design each aspect of your journey to your particular goal, starting point and situation.
  • This is all done in a powerful, yet easy to use coaching tool.

Topics covered in this online coaching tool.

The personal journey showing how to achieve a goal.

  • Describe your starting point.
  • Visualise your end goal or destination.

Challenges your anticipate along the way.

  • Swamps: Unclear mandates and objectives. Political agendas.
  • Decision points.
  • Risks vs rewards.
  • Barriers.
  • Unchartered territory.

Support you need for your journey.

  • Knowledge.
  • Feedback and encouragement.
  • Skills.
  • Direction. A way of keeping on track.

How to deal with challenges.


How to get the support you need.

Most important of all, this comprehensive coaching tool will empower you to achieve any goal you may set for yourself - now and in the future.

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