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Value for time analysis


The currency of our life is our time and energy. How we spend our time and energy, determines:

  • How much time and energy we have now and in the future.
  • How much time it takes us to complete a task.
  • What we can and can't achieve.
  • How we feel. How much energy we have.
  • What we will be able to do in the future.


The paradox of time and energy:

Time is limited:

  • There are only 24 hours in a day. We sleep 7-8 hours a day. That means we have about 16 hours to divide between travelling to work, doing our job, family, friends, exercise, hobbies, household duties, hygiene, health and personal commitments.
  • Time can only be spent once. When we spend time on one thing, it means we cannot spend the same time on something else.


Not all time is equal.

Time and energy can be used, wasted or invested.

  • We use time doing things to maintain our jobs, health, or relationships.
  • We waste time doing things that aren't important, or can be done in a better way.
  • We invest our time in setting boundaries, determining priorities, and focus areas that will:
    • Reduce the time wasters in our lives.
    • Help us to achieve our goals and dreams.
    • Make us more effective and efficient in the future.

We can increase the time and energy we have in the future, by the choices we make today.

Why do a 'value for time analysis.'

The definition of madness is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting a different result. If you want to change your life, become more effective, or achieve your dreams, the first step is to get control over your time. By doing a 'value for time analysis', you will be able to determine :

  • What results you are getting for the time and energy you currently spend.
  • What you need to change, to get better results.

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