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Use the Change Designs member zone to help you achieve results fast - where ever you are. With a Change Designs membership, and access to the Internet, you get instant access to a range of diagnostic tools, dashboards, guides, applied know how, expert systems and online coaching.

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What you get from a Change Designs membership.

Guides, diagnostic tools, dashboards, & workshop designs you can access anytime,anywhere.

Save yourself months of work. Save yourself expensive consulting fees.

member toolsWe have spent years developing:

  • Diagnostic tools.
  • Dashboards.
  • Workshop designs.
  • Organizational development interventions and activities.
  • Detailed step-by-step guides to strategy and culture change.
  • Slide presentations
  • Consulting interventions...

You can view the range of support we offer to our members in Member Tools, Guides and Articles or in each of the ME, MY TEAM, and MY ORGANIZATION pages.


Your own personal pinboard.

Have you ever struggled to find the tool or answer you need that you saved somewhere on your computer?

  • With your personal pinboard, you can keep your favorite articles, tools, how to guides, and workshop activities in one place.
  • To pin an item, simply log in as a member. Then whenever you read an article or tool, or guide that you like, click the pin this at the end of the article, tool or guide.
  • If you are logged in as a member, this article or tool will be added to your personal pinboard.
  • You can access your private pinboard using any device - a smart phone, tablet, work computer or home computer.

How to sign up.

Go to our easy to use and secure shopping cart. Choose the member subscriptions catalogue and choose the subscription option you want. A user name and password will be e-mailed to you. Use the login button at the top right to login.

How to use the member zone.

Once you've logged in:

    A member portal menu button will appear at the top of your screen.member portal Click on this button, and you will have access to:

    • Your personal pinboard.
    • The member tools, guides and articles pinboard.
    • CoachChat for gold members.

    Or you can access any member tool via the ME, MY TEAM or MY ORGANISATION pages or via the Member Tools, Guides & Articles button under the MEMBER menu.


"I have found that my Change Designs membership provides me the opportunity for immediate access to an attentive and skilled online coach that has already paid for itself. With access to relevant articles, proven methods from a variety of businesses and personalized attention, I have a wealth of information and interaction at my fingertips from any location at a time that is convenient to me. Having the ability to ask important questions regarding my own environment and business culture and to receive detailed, qualified, valuable answers that I can access at any time continues to prove vital to my success in developing new programs. The continued dialog and interaction continue to assist me in developing a Center for Excellence with key metrics for development, stability and growth" Andrew Lederer: VP, Corporate Development and Training Manager at Kennebunk Savings Bank. USA

"Change Designs is very helpul and practical, it has given me the platform to raise issues that one come across in our work environment. Having easy access to a coach is a bonus. There are times when you have tried everything and nothing seem to work. The coach gives you different perspective and whats more, they respond quickly. I'm also enjoying reading the Change Designs articles. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow colleagues." Lerato Kobo Gauteng Government. South Africa.

Be brilliantly successful.

To be successful in anything complex, you need to practice 10 000 hours.

That translates into 4 hours a day for 10 years.

Source: Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers: The Story of Success.

In his research on what makes geniuses, Malcolm Gladwell discovered that successful people, whether they were musicians, business leaders, sportsmen, nuclear physicists, or Olympic champions all had one thing in common. Their success followed years of hard work and practice. Over 10 000 hours of practice!

We, at Change Designs have spent over 20 years, 8 hours a day, practicing.

We have worked in many different industries, in many cultures and many countries, working inside organizations and consulting externally in strategic planning, strategic implementation, values and culture, innovation, change management, employee engagement, and empowerment. As entrepreneurs, we have built a successful business from scratch that is over 20 years old. We have done the 40 000 hours of practice. You can use this expertise in minutes. Our 40 000 hours of experience is combined with the many many hours of work we have spent in perfecting our tools and guides.

Leverage off our experience and go for gold in your working life.

Buy your membership now.

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