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How to measure the effectiveness of change management.

Measure change management on your project with our change management dashboard.

Get advice on what you need to do to ensure success of change management.

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What is the change management dashboard?

The Change Management Dashboard measures the current state of change management on a project. It provides a visual set of results and then provides advice on what you need to do to ensure success of change management on your project. Rather than following a checklist of activities, this change management dashboard measures the impact of change management on a project.

The statements used to measure change management in this dashboard, are drawn from experience and research into the best and worst practices of change management used on projects.


The results of the work a change manager does can be tracked by the attitudes, skills and behaviors of employees – which in turn is affected by what sponsors, the project manager, change agents, and middle managers do.

The change management dashboard provides a visual way of tracking the impact change management is making on a project.

Who uses the dashboard:

  • Change managers.
  • Sponsors.
  • Project managers.
  • Change management teams. (Change managers, sponsors, change agents, middle managers, & employees).


How to use the change management dashboard.

  1. Rate the questions according to how much you agree or disagree with the statement by clicking on a tick.
  2. Click the "NEXT set of questions" button to get the next set. Continue until all the questions have been answered. You can set the number of questions per page.
  3. Once you have completed all the ratings, your results will automatically appear at the top of the page. You will see:
    • An overall score.
    • 5 dashboards for political support, change agents, middle managers, employees and customers.
    • Advice on what to do next from our expert system.
  4. Should you forget to rate a statement you will see a “Please answer” next to the statement that still needs to be rated.

Roles - What you need to know before you use the dashboard.

Different organizations use different terms to describe the work done in implementing change. Use the table below to see how the roles we have used in the change management dashboard relate to the change management roles you use in your organization.

Role player name Alternative names What they do.

Change agent

  • Change champion.
  • Middle manager could play role of a change agent in smaller companies.
  • Implementation manager.
  • Internal change consultants.
  • External change consultants.

Work with employees in a particular department or branch to prepare them for the change.

Middle manager

  • Branch managers.
  • Departmental managers.
  • Functional managers.

Provide practical and symbolic support to their change agents as they prepare employees in their area to manage a change.

Project manager

  • Senior leaders from IT or technical divisions.
  • HR manager for projects on cultural change.
  • General manager or strategist for projects around implementing a corporate strategy.

Responsible for managing the entire project. On technical or IT project, usually focuses on the technical side of a project.

Change manager

  • Change Lead.
  • Change consultant.
  • Implementation manager.
  • HR manager.

Responsible for the people side of a project.


  • Member of an executive team.
  • Regional managers.
  • Provincial managers.
  • Area managers.
  • General managers.
  • Heads of divisions.
  • Heads of strategic business units.

Provides political support for the change manager or change team. Represents the change management team at an executive level of the organization.

Tips for using the change management dashboard.

  1. You can rate yourself as a change manager. But for the best result, involve other role players such as project managers, sponsors, representatives of middle managers and change agents. By working together you will clarify expectations regarding what it will take for you to be rated as successful in each area. You will also build better relationships as you discuss ways of supporting one another.
  2. You can print out your scores, and the recommendations given to you by the expert intelligence in this tool.
  3. Keep your print outs, and compare your scores each month. This will help you see how you are progressing as a team in ensuring all employees are ready and able to do what they need to do, for your project to work.

Start measuring the effectiveness of Change Management in your area.

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