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Organizational Strategy


This section contains practical articles and member only tools on strategic planning at an organizational wide level.

Use this section to formulate, implement and evaluate strategy at an organizational level.

The pink buttons are free articles. The blue buttons are member tools and guides.

Strategy fundamentals

  • CEO strategy: A step by step guide. For CEOs and strategists. A step by step guide to developing a powerful strategic plan. One you can show off with pride to a board of directors. One that future proof's your organization.
  • When to do strategic planning. How to know when to do strategic planning. The top 10 reasons for doing strategy.
  • What are visions and values. This article explains what an organizational vision and values are, and how to use them to solve organizational problems.


Strategic roles: New CEO

  • The new CEO's first 100 days.What are the most important leadership activities a new CEO or leader should focus on during his first 100 days? This article highlights how to win support, set ground rules, and create the focus.
  • The new CEO - 7 early questions.How prepared are new CEO's for success? Seven crucial early questions that new CEOs need to answer early on to improve their chances of success. By Konstantinos Apostolatos
  • New CEO - how to prepare your first speech to your management team.One of your first tasks as a new CEO is to win the support of your management team. This tool shows you step by step, how to prepare a powerful first speech to your management team.

  • Strategic roles: CEO

  • The CEO's role in strategic planning.What makes strategic planning fail or succeed. Warning signs a CEO should take note of before, during and after a strategic planning workshop. How to set the tone for successful strategic planning.
  • CEO strategy speech- how to prepare a speech to open a strategy workshop.As a CEO you are expected to deliver the opening address at a strategy workshop or retreat. This guide shows you how to prepare a powerful yet concise speech to set the scene for a successful strategy workshop.
  • The roles played in the strategic management processThe 9 characters who act on the stage of strategic management in an organization.
  • Strategic alignment roleThe four elements of strategic alignment that the CEO focuses on. Purpose and direction, structure and delegation, information and control, reward and recognition.

  • Strategic roles: Strategist.


Formulating strategy


Implementing strategy

  • A CEO's guide to implementing strategy. What do you do, once your strategic plan has been developed? This article shows you how you can use your vision to lead your executive team. It then provides you with 12 steps for implementing your strategy throughout the organization.
  • Strategy implementation case study. A strategy implementation case study of an intervention designed to help a frustrated CEO. It describes a workshop for his executive and management team.
  • Customer-centric organizationsCreate a customer-centric organization. Execute a customer centric strategy or build a customer centric culture.
  • Why strategic projects fail.10 reasons why strategic projects fail. A video case study and article on how management inexpertise causes strategic projects to fail.

Evaluating strategy

  • How to evaluate a strategy. We invest a lot of time and energy in developing our strategic plans each year. But how do we know if we have achieved? How do we evaluate the end result of our efforts - the strategic plans? And how do we evaluate the process we followed to achieve our end result? Read this article if you need to evaluate a strategy.

Measure strategy

Workshop designs



This section contains articles and tools for doing innovation on an organizational wide level.

The pink buttons are free articles. The blue buttons are member tools and guides.

Set up an innovation system in your organization.

Develop an innovation culture.

 change management

Change Management & leadership

This section contains articles on leadership, change management and organizational development on an organization wide level.

It is used by leaders working on projects that cut across divisions and departments such as:

  • CEOs
  • Project managers on organizational wide projects.
  • Directors of change management.
  • Directors of Organizational Development divisions.
  • Consultants and facilitators working on projects that affect an entire organization.

The pink buttons are free articles. The blue buttons are member tools and guides.


Diagnostic tools for change management and organizational development

  • Poor morale in the workplace - diagnostic toolA tool to help you diagnose poor morale in a team or organization. Based on a complex decision tree, this powerful coaching tool provides a quick way to diagnose a morale problem plus 40 + practical solutions.

Research on change management

Sell the need for change

Build a change management infrastructure.

  • Help your change agents deal with politics When faced with resistence from their colleagues, managers and the organizational culture itself, it is small wonder that change agents become demotivated and lose their confidence. How to set up a structure to provide political support to your change agents.
  • Develop an integrated change management approach. Do you need to formulate a change management framework or integrated approach? Do you want to sell the concept of a change agent network into your organization? We have developed a set of slides that you can use in a presentation to your executive team.

Measure the effectiveness of change management.

Change management fundamentals

  • Change management dictionary. Have you ever been confused with all the terminology around change management? Use this wonderful dictionary by Robert Gilbreath.

Roles played in change management

Develop a change management strategy

  • Why change fails. Ten reasons why change fails and why company strategies don’t get successfully implemented. Ten steps to manage change effectively in an organization.

Communicate a change

Implement large scale, complex change.

Get everyone aligned to a new strategy, structure or process.

Change an organisational culture.

Culture change info-graphics

A series of detailed info-graphics which show the journeys of different role players in a successful culture change in an organization.


Workshop designs

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