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A step by step guide.

By Ruth Tearle


One of your most important roles as a CEO or strategist is to develop a powerful strategy that provides direction to the organization.

Sounds easy enough.

But developing a business strategy that provides direction, meets the expectations of a board of directors, and disparate stakeholders, future proofs the organization, and gets everyone in the organization excited about the future, is a daunting task.

Not everyone in the organization is ready to support you.

Not everyone in your organization wants your strategy to work.

You will come up against personal interests, unresolved conflict, blindspots, status quo protectors, and people who cannot move beyond thinking about day to day operations.

Some of these challenges are easy to spot, but some people may quietly sabotage your efforts behind your back.

The stakes are high. If you develop a powerful strategy that gets everyone in the organization excited about the future, and supporting you in your new direction, your organization will thrive in the future.

Without a powerful strategy, your time as a CEO will consist of fire fighting.

If apathy, saboteurs and blind spots prevent your from developing a strategy to future proof your organization, not only will you struggle to make profits in the future, but your time as a CEO will consist of firefighting, and conflict.

This practical book for CEO’s and strategists, will lead you step by step through all the tasks you need to do, in order to develop a powerful strategic plan or common vision for your organization. A strategy that you will be proud to present to your board of directors or parent company, and has the support of your management team and important stakeholders. A corporate plan you can use to guide your organization into the future.

Contents of the CEO Strategy - a step by step guide

When to do strategy.

The step by step guide to strategy.

1. Plan your strategy workshop

  • Identify strategic issues.
  • Clarify workshop objectives.
  • Identify workshop challenges.
  • Plan the workshop content.
  • Plan the workshop process.
  • Plan the time.
  • Select the delegates.

2. Prepare for your workshop

  • Collect strategic information.
  • Prepare workshop materials.
  • Organize workshop logistics.
  • Manage delegate expectations.

3. Run your strategy workshop

  • The CEO's role during a strategy workshop.
  • The facilitator's role during a strategy workshop.

4. After the workshop.

  • Write your strategic plan.
  • Evaluate your strategy.
  • Plan to implement your strategy.

Strategy for CEOs: A step by step guide is available from Amazon.

If you are weary of strategy retreats that go nowhere and achieve nothing, and want to develop a powerful strategy for your organization, then this book is for you.

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