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The CEO's step by step guide to strategic  planning.

How to develop a strategy, strategic plan, or common vision for an organization.

This article describes our step by step strategic planning tool.

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What do you want from your strategic planning process or workshop?

Do you need to develop a strategic plan or common vision for your organization that:

  • Provides clear direction to your organization?
  • Helps your leadership team to focus on the 20% of leadership activities they need to engage in, to deliver 80% of the results they want?
  • Helps your leadership team to identify the 20% of future target markets that will generate 80% of their future profits?
  • Your leadership team can use to guide their decisions?
  • Guides your budgeting, goal setting and performance management processes?
  • Allows every individual in the organization to see how the work they do contributes to the organization's future?
  • Helps the team make tough strategic decisions on issues they have been grappling with?

Do you need to develop a common vision that all members of your leadership team are committed to? Remember that you can't get commitment to a common vision without team participation. Therefore you need a team-based approach to strategic planning if you want to develop a common vision.

What can go wrong when running a strategic planning workshop or retreat?

One of the most important roles of a CEO is to develop the strategic plan for the organization. Use the CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning to develop a strategic plan you can be proud of.
  • The workshop is nothing more than a talk shop.
  • Political agendas dominate the discussions.
  • Delegates are frustrated when the facilitator doesn't control the group or the time. Sessions end late by which time the group is bored and irritated.
  • The wrong delegates are at the workshop.
  • The discussions are meaningless and achieve nothing.
  • The logistics are badly organized and delegates arrive at the workshop angry.
  • Delegates are unhappy with the workshop agenda.
  • Delegates don't focus on what is happening during the workshop.
  • Delegates get distracted and side tracked by operational issues and find themselves unable to focus on strategic issues.
  • The workshop achieves nothing new. Nothing gets developed.  Delegates believe it was a waste of time and money.
  • After the workshop, nothing happens. There is no documented plan. Nothing new gets implemented.
  • The CEO is left having to come up with a strategic plan on his own to present to the board of directors or parent company. This plan doesn't have the support of his management team.

Use the CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning

The CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning helps you to develop a strategic plan you can present with confidence to your board of directors.

This will lead you step by step through all the tasks you need to do in order to develop a powerful strategic plan or common vision for your organization. One you will be proud to present to your board of directors or parent company. One that has the support of your management team.


What is the CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning?

The CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning consists of 5 steps.

step by step

Each step consists of a number of tasks.



Behind each task is a detailed guide that you can follow to complete each task.


How to use the CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning.


As you complete each task, click the done button. This will record your progress.  So that when you come back ready to do the next task, you continue where you left off.

task done

By completing each task, and each step in the process, you will be on your way to developing a powerful team based strategic plan. One that your team is committed to. And one that you can present with confidence to a board of directors.

What this member tool provides that you can't get from anywhere else.

  • How to deal with people and political agendas that often derail strategy workshops.
  • How to get a group of people with different agendas to build and commit to a common vision. One that they are excited to implement.
  • How to develop a strategic plan during a workshop, that your team can show off with pride to a board of directors.

Topics covered.

Plan your workshop

  • Identify the issues you want to resolve.
  • Clarify your workshop objectives.
  • Identify potential challenges that could prevent you from achieving your objectives.
  • Plan the workshop content.
  • Plan the workshop process.
  • Plan the time.
  • Select the delegates

Prepare for your workshop

Run the workshop

  • The CEO's role during the workshop.
  • The facilitator's role during the workshop.

Actions to take after your strategy workshop.

  • How to document your strategic plan for a board of directors.
  • How to evaluate your strategic plan.
  • The first steps to implement your strategic plan.

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