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Digital Publishing Services

Some of the advantages of digital publishing:

  • No printing costs.
  • Minimal distribution costs. Worldwide distribution.
  • Your readers can read your book on a device of their choice - laptop, tablet (iPad) or smartphone (iPhone).
  • Your book adapts to the device it is read on.
  • An affordable option for new authors.
  • A new digital market for authors who already have books in print. Control your own marketing.

Accepted formats from the author

Your manuscript must be in Microsoft Word with appropriate headings for chapters, text divided into paragraphs, and images inserted where they should appear. You may use bullets and numbered lists but avoid tables. You can provide a preface and information about the author. A short title also needs to be given with the author name. Images also need to be provided as separate files.

Get your book published !

We don't accept books in pdf format. If you have converted your book from pdf to Microsoft Word then please rigorously check every detail including extra spaces, odd hyphenations, etc, etc.

Please proof read your book carefully before handing over your copy as we don't proof read and there is a charge for each error correction iteration.

For further information on how to prepare your file for publishing go to: digital-product-prep


Digital Book output formats

We provide 2 formats :

  • ePub - The most widely used format for digital books. Can be read on any device except for a Kindle. There are many free reader applications for Windows computers, Mac computers, tablets (including iPad), smartphones (including iPhone). Most come with readers pre-installed. This is also the format used on many eReaders such as the Nook.
  • Kindle - This is the format used on Kindle devices and is the format used on the Amazon book store. There are free Kindle readers for most other devices too. So you can read your Kindle book on computers, tablets and smartphones as well as on your Kindle eReader.

For further information on ePub and Kindle formats see: digital-product-help. You can also download digital readers from here for your computer or laptop.

Publishing the digital book

We provide a flexible low cost service for publishing your book. There is a very low cost for a basic starter package which is suitable for most novels and business books. You can decide if you would like any extras for more complex layouts or other formats. For pricing please contact us and we will email you a brochure.

Selling your book

Selling your book on Change Designs

We can sell your book on the Change Designs online store. We will handle the hosting of your book, credit card transactions, the downloading of your book to the customer and the sending of an invoice to the customer. We also provide for free downloads of a sample chapter.

  • We will insert your book into our online store, including the small product view, large product view, images, book description and sample chapter for free download.
  • 15% commission per sale, we cover credit card and payment gateway fees.
  • You set the price. We may offer discounts from time to time to encourage sales, in which case you will receive the discounted price less 15%.
  • We will pay you every 4 months for books sold.
  • If your book fits our website's audience demographic such as business, consulting, coaching, change management, strategic planning, motivation, etc. then our SEO (search engine optimization) will help to market your book.

For pricing please contact us and we will email you a brochure.

Selling your book on Amazon

Your book will need to be in Kindle format.

Initial setup :

  • We will set up an account on Amazon for you.

Per book :

  • We will upload your book and set it up according to Amazon's requirements such as large cover, categorization, pricing, etc.
  • You can then manage your own account and receive cheques directly from Amazon.

You will need to provide us with the appropriate information to set up this account.

For pricing please contact us and we will email you a brochure.

Marketing your book

There are many ways to market your book. For example, you can set up your own blog or website, and do social networking via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or via discussion groups. We can help you with setting up an internet advertisement campaign via Google Adwords.

Advertise your book via Google Adwords

Pay as you go advertising. Pay only when people click on your ad. You control how much you spend. You control who sees your ad. You control where and when people see your ad.

Initial setup:

  • We will set up a Google Adwords account for you.

Per Advertisement:

  • We will find and setup the best keywords for you to optimise search. We do research using SEO tools for the best keywords.
  • We can provide simple text ads that will appear in Google search.
  • We can provide different sized image ads for the Google content display network, these ads will display on other people's websites.

You will need to provide us with the appropriate information to help us to find the best keywords and short text for the advertisement.

After setup, you will be able to log in to your Google Adwords account and control spending, change key words, and control your own account.

For pricing please contact us and we will email you a brochure.

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