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Roll out organizational values: A step by step guide24-Jul-2021

How to roll out organizational values in a way that changes the behaviour of teams and individua..

A series of concise, valuable books that provide practical interventions and action steps.09-Jun-2021

When you need to work with a team on strategy, organizational development, leadership or innovat..

Change Designs subscription portal closing down Sept 202109-Jun-2021

The Change Designs subscription portal will be closing down in September 2021. Our last membersh..

New CEO speech. How to prepare your first speech to your management team.16-May-2021

One of your first tasks as a new CEO, is to gain the trust of your management team. You need to ..

CEO -how to prepare a speech to open a strategy workshop14-May-2021

As a CEO, you are expected to deliver the opening address at your organization's strategic plann..

How to change business paradigms18-Jan-2021

This practical book contains 10 interventions any facilitator can use to help a team recognise a..

A practical book on developing strategy: "Strategy for CEOs: A step by step guide."10-Sep-2020

One of your most important roles as a CEO or strategist is to develop a powerful strategic plan ..

Organizational Development for Teams29-Jul-2020

This practical book contains 10 team interventions any facilitator can use to build a team or im..

Organizational Development: How to choose the right intervention.17-Jul-2020

A practical book on how to diagnose a situation & choose the best OD intervention for your c..

INNOVATE! The employees guide to innovation.18-Dec-2019

A book to help you to: Develop a culture of innovation in your organization. Empower your ..

OD interventions library05-Sep-2019

A library of practical OD interventions and activities. When you need OD interventions or ac..

A step by step guide to rolling out organizational values28-Aug-2019

How to develop a strategy, plan and budget to roll out values throughout your organization and trans..

The CEO's step by step guide to strategic planning20-Jul-2019

How to develop a strategic plan or common vision for an organization. What do you want from your ..

Strategy workshop materials19-Jul-2019

How to prepare the materials you need to facilitate your strategic planning workshop. A professi..

Job description for strategic planning director26-Jun-2019

How to negotiate the role that will make you successful within your own organization. The role t..

Strategy workshop - the roles a CEO plays during a strategy workshop. 14-Jun-2019

What does the CEO do during a facilitated strategy workshop? As a CEO, even if you have hired a..

Strategy workshop people challenges15-May-2019

How to identify people challenges that could derail your workshop People don't just arrive a..

Creative Fridays24-Jan-2019

How to communicate to employees about an exciting way to encourage innovation and continuous imp..

Why innovation and continuous improvement fails12-Nov-2018

"I am so frustrated." The CEO told me. "We have been trying to develop a culture of ‘innov..

A case study of an OD intervention to solve conflict, reduce stress and build teams06-Aug-2018

A case study of an OD intervention used to deal with diversity issues, solve conflict, build tea..

How to communicate change during a project18-Jun-2018

How to develop a change management communication plan for a project. Communication during a pro..

Communicate change - celebrate success and aim higher14-Jun-2018

Many project teams forget to celebrate at the end of a change or project. They simply focus on t..

How a lack of strategic alignment affects customer experience11-Jun-2018

The spaghetti approach to customer communication. Many organizations, in their quest to provi..

Communicate Change: Build excitement around Go-Live events31-Jan-2018

Build excitement around Go-Live events Many project teams only focus on the task when changin..

Communicate Change: Prepare for Go-Live31-Jan-2018

Prepare for Go-Live In certain changes, such as a change to a new technology, system or process,..

Strategic Trends, PEST and PESTLE analysis05-Jan-2018

Up to date trend research (Political, economic, social, technological and business trends.) S..

Communicate change: Celebrate early adopters04-Jan-2018

What to communicate during a change process when you want to celebrate early adopters of the cha..

Strategic trends research 201804-Jan-2018

Updated strategic trend (PEST) research for 2018. Planning a strategy? Use our on-line stra..

Communicate during the training phase of a change09-Nov-2017

What to communicate to help employees master a change. Prior to training, even though they may h..

Performance improvement training 06-Nov-2017

Continuous improvement with a magical twist. With the Quest for Magic ordinary employees do ..

Performance management training coloured in magic.06-Nov-2017

Build a high performance, high motivation culture Add a dash of colour and magic to your perform..

How to communicate a change to employees26-Oct-2017

Reduce fear and build confidence for a change. You need to communicate a new change to a lar..

Motivational stories of success20-Oct-2017

Which is your story? Cinderella or the Heroes Journey? The stories we grew up with, influence o..

What motivational stories tell you about leaders20-Oct-2017

An info-graphic to help you to select leaders for a change or project. Before we select peop..

Communicate change - before you train managers and change agents12-Oct-2017

After the launch of a change in an organization, the hard work of preparing people to master new..

Communicate during the launch of an organizational change02-Oct-2017

Reduce resistance and build support for change. You have been tasked with the role of communi..

New CEO - Questions to prepare you for success12-Jul-2017

The 7 crucial early questions for new CEOs By Konstantinos Apostolatos How prepared are..

Team performance dashboard. 28-Jun-2017

Measure the performance of your team. The team performance dashboard is a tool you can use..

Corporate culture change info-graphic: Company journey17-Jun-2017

This info-graphic is part of a series of info-graphics on corporate culture change. It shows the jou..

Role definition - for individuals15-Jun-2017

What is a role definition? A role definition is a tool you can use to help you to clarify what ..

Team dysfunction diagnostic tool09-Jun-2017

Dysfunctional team? If you have a problem in your team, use this team diagnostic tool to help yo..

Video: Tour inside the member zone.09-Jun-2017

In this video, we take you on a tour inside the member zone. We show you all the special content..

Values roll out: Develop a road map or plan.08-Jun-2017

How to develop a detailed plan to translate organizational values into behaviours. In this task..

Video: How to use the Change Designs Portal01-Jun-2017

In this video we show you how to use the features that make the Change Designs web portal so uni..

Info-graphic of a journey change agents take in a corporate culture change.24-May-2017

This info-graphic is part of a series of info-graphics on corporate culture change. It shows the jou..


Delegation: responsibility & accountability By Randal Godden Successful managers take res..

Motivational thoughts. 18-May-2017

Change your mind to change your motivation This post describes a different way of thinking about..

Step by step strategic planning - identify strategic issues.17-May-2017

Identify potential areas of conflict. Before doing strategic planning, it is useful to take into..

Strategy implementation case study17-May-2017

A case study of a strategy implementation intervention for a CEO, and his executive and manageme..

Develop an interlocking change management infrastructure.16-May-2017

How to ensure everyone in your organization supports one another during an organizational change. ..

How to rebuild morale after an organizational restructure.16-May-2017

After an organizational restructure, leaders have to deal with the rubble of low morale amongst thei..

Info-graphic. Old vs new beliefs suitable for a VUCA world.12-May-2017

Info-graphic: Old vs new beliefs about work Many of the beliefs that helped organizations to be ..

The role of the executive in transformation12-May-2017

Info-graphic of an executive role in transformation What is the role of the CEO and executive te..

Change-ready employee info-graphic05-May-2017

How does a change-ready employee behave? How do those behaviours differ from an employee who wor..

How to be happy02-May-2017

When happiness is a discipline rather than a result. By Ruth Tearle. Learning how to be happy me..

The 3 roles of an executive. Functional, management and leadership.02-May-2017

For CEOs and Executive leaders By Randal Godden How much time should an executive spend ..

What no one tells project teams about achieving project goals.25-Apr-2017

How to ensure you achieve team goals. MapAhead a coaching tool for teams and project teams by Ke..

Prepare for your strategy workshop: Plan the process or group dynamics.21-Apr-2017

Plan the group dynamics of your strategic planning workshop. The way in which people work tog..

How to achieve goals18-Apr-2017

How to achieve goals: - in your personal life and in your career. The MapAhead coaching tool by K..

Personal boundaries12-Apr-2017

The art of saying 'No' and 'Yes' One of the biggest problems many people have, is saying "No" to..

OD intervention. Existing vs desired organizational culture04-Apr-2017

Use this OD intervention to get a group to understand why they need to develop a new culture. Do..

Prepare for your strategy workshop: Plan the content and activities.04-Apr-2017

Plan the content and activities of your strategy planning workshop. This member guide desc..

Member tool: How to write a strategic plan - for CEOs and strategists15-Mar-2017

How to write a strategic plan. For CEOs and strategists. How to write a strategic plan for a ..

OD intervention: Clarify team roles & responsibilities.14-Mar-2017

This OD intervention will help a team to clarify its roles and responsibilities after an organiz..

OD intervention: Create strategic opportunities.14-Mar-2017

A group activity you can use to get groups to identify new opportunities for your organization. ..

Prepare a strategy workshop. Manage delegate expectations.22-Feb-2017

How to manage delegates' expectations before you strategic planning workshop. Most people attend..

How to implement your new strategy - A CEOs guide.16-Feb-2017

What do you do as a CEO or leadership team, once you have developed a new strategy? How do you i..

Share expectations after a restructure - an OD intervention.15-Feb-2017

This short OD intervention helps a leader and his/her team to clarify expectations after an orga..

Workshop design - for an entrepreneurial company experiencing high growth.09-Feb-2017

A one-day workshop for a small company that has grown fast. When a business with a famil..

OD intervention: Cascading role clarification workshop08-Feb-2017

This OD intervention workshop will help you to align what leaders and employees do to a new stra..

Member tool. How to assess change and OD competencies.01-Feb-2017

How do you assess the level of change management or organizational development competence you need f..

Measure strategy using kpi. By Chris Fox31-Jan-2017

Strategy measures and kpi help organizations implement strategies. Studies suggest that as few a..

OD intervention - moving on after a restructure20-Jan-2017

This OD intervention will help a group who are resentful about what happened during a restructur..

Poor morale in the workplace: Diagnostic tool.05-Jan-2017

Do you worry that you may have a morale problem? Our new organizational development tool "Poor m..

Info-graphic of a manager's journey in a corporate culture change.15-Dec-2016

In our first info-graphic on corporate culture change, we showed how a number of different group..

Info-graphic of a steer-com journey in a corporate culture change 15-Dec-2016

In our first info-graphic on corporate culture change, we showed how a number of different group..

Info-graphic of the journey the executive take in a corporate culture change.15-Dec-2016

In our first info-graphic on corporate culture change, we showed how a number of different group..

The four most critical leadership skills for CEOs and Executives12-Dec-2016

By Randal Godden Having spent more than 50 years in Business covering the full spectrum of roles..

Blog post: Creating magical moments in a team.07-Oct-2016

Creating magical moments in a team As a facilitator or leader, how often do you experience a ..

Motivation-Life goals and dreams.07-Oct-2016

The key to living a dream life. Many people dream of a better life. Then they make excuses f..

How to do scenario planning08-Sep-2016

What is a scenario? A scenario is a picture or collage of the future environment within whi..

How to take back your power.05-Sep-2016

A letter from my better self to my un-empowered self. By Letitia Maneveld All ..

New poster on 'The hero's journey' for organisations15-Jul-2016

A downloadable poster on The Hero's Journey. Adapted to organisations. Use this poster tog..

Leadership and employee behaviour14-Jul-2016

Catch them doing it right. This post describes an interesting dynamic at work. What leader..

Organisational culture and behaviour change08-Jul-2016

Organisational culture Why a new organisational culture does not translate into behavioural c..

OD intervention. Use the hero's journey to deal with fear of change.04-May-2016

This short OD intervention is used to help people overcome their fear of change. Use this p..

A role definition cascading process for organizational change.29-Jul-2015

How to align what people do to a new strategy, structure or organizational change. Why employee..

Protecting the status quo. 13-Mar-2015

10 ways people prevent a new strategy from being implemented. When I first stated facilitating s..

OD intervention: Get feedback and participation after a presentation.12-Feb-2015

This OD intervention will help you to get feedback and participation after a presentation. This ..

Blog post: When life gets tough, change your focus.09-Feb-2015

Sometimes life is tough. External forces over which we have no control, seem to dominate our liv..

The danger of reinforcing ignorance.09-Feb-2015

How often have you sat bored at dinner parties, or in organizational meetings, listening to peo..

Values rollout- What to include in your budget20-Nov-2014

"How much is it going to cost?" This is the first question that decision makers will ask you, on..

Values roll-out. 9 steps to translate values into behaviours.06-Oct-2014

Nine steps to follow to roll out new values, or translate values into behaviours. (https://www.amaz..

Values roll-out: Systems thinking16-Jul-2014

Use systems thinking to identify what could prevent people from living the values. Simply commu..

Values roll-out: Identify key success factors13-Jul-2014

How will you measure success on your values roll-out project? How will you and your stakeholders..

Values roll-out. How to get support from different stakeholders.05-Jul-2014

This tool shows you how to communicate with different stakeholders in order to get the support y..

Values roll-out: Identify stakeholders and define their roles24-Jun-2014

In order to get everyone in the organization living the values, you will need to change the beli..

Values roll-out. Clarify objectives19-Jun-2014

How to clarify the objectives for cascading or embedding organizational values. You m..

OD intervention: Understand customer culture28-May-2014

A first step to develop a customer culture. This OD intervention has a presentation that explain..

OD intervention: Creative scenario activity12-May-2014

A creative way to get a group to develop a scenario that describes the future environment within..

OD intervention: Stakeholder values & promise15-Apr-2014

This OD intervention helps a team to ensure that their organizational or team values are aligned..

OD intervention: Build a team based on strengths11-Apr-2014

This short OD intervention helps a facilitator build a team by sharing strengths within the team..

OD intervention: Build confidence in handling change.11-Apr-2014

This short OD intervention is designed to build the confidence of your team in their ability to ..

OD intervention: Build trust in a team.11-Apr-2014

This short OD intervention is designed to build trust in a team. It can be used for: Build trust..

OD intervention: Create a set of team values or behaviours.11-Apr-2014

This quick OD intervention helps a team to develop a set of rules for working together. The 'cod..

OD intervention: Rebuild morale after a restructure11-Apr-2014

This short OD intervention is designed as a first step towards rebuilding morale after an organi..

Develop a personal vision07-Apr-2014

Begin to live the life you want. "You've got to think about big things while you're doing s..

OD intervention. Identify personal values in a workshop.04-Apr-2014

This short OD intervention helps individuals to identify their personal values in a 1 hour sessi..

OD intervention: Share personal values to get the best out of one another.02-Apr-2014

This OD team building intervention helps team members to understand how to behave towards one an..

OD intervention. Creative vision activity07-Mar-2014

A quick creative visioning activity. An energizing activity that gets a group to develop a clear..

Strategy workshop: The facilitator's role25-Sep-2013

The role of a facilitator during a strategy workshop. The facilitator's role in a strategy works..

Prepare for strategy. Prevent logistical problems that could derail your workshop.04-Sep-2013

Ensure your delegates arrive at your workshop, relaxed and ready to do strategy. Remember Mu..

Collect strategic information for a strategy workshop.02-Sep-2013

The quality of any strategic plan, depends on the quality of the information on which the plan i..

Prepare your strategy workshop: Determine the time you need.27-Aug-2013

How to determine the time you need for your strategy workshop. The amount of time you need for y..

Strategic planning workshop objectives12-Aug-2013

How to clarify objectives for your strategic planning workshop. Many strategic planning workshop..

New blog post: The best customer experience.13-May-2013

If you are trying to create a customer focused or innovative culture, then this is a blog post y..

Roles in change management.03-May-2013

This article describes the three major roles played in change management. The role of the leader..

Change management dashboard -measure change management25-Mar-2013

Use our visual change management dashboard to assess the effectiveness of the current state of c..

Qualitative measures.25-Mar-2013

How to measure the soft side of an organization. Anyone involved in change management, strategy ..

New blog. The middle of transformation26-Feb-2013

How to stay the course in the 'muddle' of personal change. If you enjoyed reading Susan Ksiezop..

New blog post. Simplicity at work.25-Feb-2013

How do you get executive leaders to trust and support you? As a mentor, there is a question I get as..

Team leadership skills- managing morale24-Jan-2013

What you need to know to help your team perform at their best. Great leaders and coaches are k..

New blog post: The meaning of wonder. By Shui-lyn White08-Nov-2012

I was brought up to have meaning. My life had to have meaning, and my first duty was to discover..

Member tool: Questions to ask a project manager before you develop a change management strategy06-Nov-2012

The first step in developing a change management strategy for a project, is to get a comprehensi..

Celebrating failure. By Colette Symanowitz29-Oct-2012

Celebrating failure What lessons can we learn from successful writers, entrepreneurs and inn..

New blog post. Barefoot running- the reward24-Oct-2012

I've always had a belief that if you keep doing the right things, for long enough, the rewa..

Easy article finder. Leadership & management articles12-Oct-2012

Articles on leadership and management Looking for leadership & management articles around a p..

New blog: The best of both worlds. 05-Oct-2012

Digital and physical world of work We are living in two different worlds. With all the differ..

OD Interventions case study: An employee morale problem12-Sep-2012

A case study of an OD intervention used to solve an employee morale problem. I was called i..

Templates vs. musicality at work04-Sep-2012

Do templates destroy performance? Have we created a culture in which we are so intent on playing..

New blog: The beginning of transformation. By Susan Ksiezopolski14-Aug-2012

An inspirational blog post on personal transformation by Susan Ksiezopolski. The beginning of Tr..

Strategic planning at divisional level. 10-Aug-2012

Need to develop a common direction for your division? This article covers: When to do st..

Member zone: Your own personal pinboard02-Aug-2012

A quick and easy way to find what you need. Keep your favourite articles, tools and blog posts f..

New blog: Falling off the ladder31-Jul-2012

Sometimes you need to go backwards in order to go forward. What to do when you 'fall off th..

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