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The leader's will

By Ken Ideus


emotionThe will behind the voice.

In the previous article on the leader's voice, we said that our voice is a key vehicle for creating a future that does not yet exist.

Creating a future that does not yet exist means change, and as homeostatic creatures, we tend to shy away from change, even when we know its good for us.

"A will is a strong desire or determination to do something."

Since that is the case, change requires a will, i.e., the will to change.

When it comes to change, will shows up from two directions, and often with significantly different consequences.

1. The strong will

Firstly, for those being faced with a change, especially when it is being handed to them, their “will” goes to work on keeping things the same.

The strong will
forces things on others.

This often triggers in their leader, what Assagioli, the founder of Psycosynthesis called “The Strong Will”. This is the will that often forces things on others or drives forward “regardless the obstacles”.

The powerful will is one that exudes value, emotion and engagement with the listeners. This will shows up in the voice of the leader.

While this strong will has accomplished many things, it is also the will of tyrants and despots.

2. The good will

The good will
understands, supports and includes others.

This is different to Assagioli's “The Good Will”, which, while very powerful, is understanding and inclusive and always supporting good and positive intention.

The good will calls on the strength of the individual, the inner strength that shows up as personal power and authenticity.

In our work in developing powerful authentic voice, we work to develop not so much a voice that expresses strong will, which has a “get out of my way, this is going to happen” sense, but a powerful will.

When we look to those we would call great leaders, they, without exception possessed a powerful often expressed through the way they speak.

Ken Ideus

This series on authentic leadership is written by Ken Ideus who is well known globally for his work on "The Leaders Voice". Ken has worked for the last 30 years with multi-national corporates in over 30 countries, doing both consulting and senior leadership development in the USA, Europe and Africa. You can read more about his articles and tools, and about The Leaders Voice.

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