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Measure the effectiveness of your team.

Measure the effectiveness of your team!

Then see how to improve the performance of your team.

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What is the team-performance dashboard?

dashboard-resultsThe team performance dashboard is a tool you can use to measure the effectiveness of your team.

Is your team a high performance team? Do you belong to a winning team? Or do you have an ineffective team that fills you and your other team members with frustration? Do you need to take action to improve your team's performance?

By answering a series of questions in this team performance dashboard, you can rate your team's effectiveness.

What the dashboard measures:

The team performance dashboard measures 4 dimensions of team effectiveness:

  • Leader behavior: How the team leader behaves to his/her team members. The environment the team leader creates for his/her team to operate within.
  • Team behavior: How individual team members behave towards one another and to their customers. How individual team members contribute to the performance of the team.
  • Team discipline: The rules and structures that are in place to guide the team. This includes anything that ensures that the team as a whole and each individual team members know what is expected of them, and how they will be measured.
  • Team impact: How the team is seen by the rest of the organization and its customers. The impact the team has on its key stakeholders.


How to use the team performance dashboard.

  1. Rate the questions according to how much you agree or disagree with the statement by clicking on a tick.
  2. Click the "NEXT set of questions" button to get the next set. Continue until all the questions have been answered. You can set the number of questions per page.
  3. Once you have completed all the ratings, your results will automatically appear at the top of the page. You will see:
    • An overall score.
    • 4 dashboards showing ratings for leader behavior, team behavior, team discipline, and team impact.
    • Advice on what to do next to improve the performance and effectiveness of your team.
  4. Should you forget to rate a statement you will see a “Please answer” next to the statement that still needs to be rated.

Tips for using the team performance dashboard.

  1. You can rate yourself as a team leader or team member. But for the best result, involve the whole team in the rating process. By discussing the reasons for a specific rating, you will begin a discussion on how to improve the effectiveness of your team.
  2. You can print out your scores, and the recommendations given to you in the dashboards.
  3. Keep your print outs, and compare your scores each month. This will help you see how you are improving as a team.

Start measuring the performance and effectiveness of your team.


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