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Coaching and mentoring

Sometimes all you need to solve your problem, or reach for a dream

is for someone to give you a different focus or a first practical step.

  • Do you need expert advice on how to handle a situation at work?
  • Do you need expert advice in strategy, leadership, organizational development, change management, facilitation or innovation?
  • Are you dealing with difficult people? Struggling with politics?
  • Have you found a passion that you'd like to explore?
  • Do you need to design a workshop or organizational intervention?
  • Do you want a mentor, a coach, some guidance or just someone to test your ideas or designs with?

Who is the Coach?

Ruth Tearle acts as a mentor, coach and advisor to:

  • CEOs and directors dealing with complex organizational issues.
  • Corporate leaders in her role as an organizational consultant and business strategist.
  • Internal consultants, coaches and facilitators working inside large organizations.
  • Freelance consultants and coaches starting their own businesses.
  • Individuals who have lost their energy, and want to find a new purpose or direction in their lives.

coachWith her vast experience in organizational strategy, leadership, change management, facilitation and innovation, the Coach is able to provide simple, practical advice to leaders that 'connects the dots.' She also acts as a mentor to other consultants helping them to design interventions or workshops that gets their clients coming back for more.

As an author of  motivational books and the founder of Change Designs consulting and publishing, those who want to create a business out of their passion, can also draw on this aspect of Ruth's experience. See her resume here.

A flexible approach to coaching.

We recognise that in this new world of work many people:

  • Are busy and don't want to be locked into long term coaching contracts.
  • Have different needs at different times.
    • Sometimes they will need to explain a complex situation and would prefer to talk directly to a coach.
    • At other times they may simply want a quick answer to a quick question, or they may not have the time to book or wait for an appointment. When faced with a problem, they may prefer to go online and pose the question immediatly.

In line with this, Change Designs offers the following :

Flexible packages for business coaching and mentoring.

CoachChat online coaching.


If you enjoy texting, chatting or using WhatsApp on your smart phone, then you will enjoy using CoachChat. As easy to use as a chat, this online coaching service means you get the benefit of a personal coach, without having to book an appointment or pay hourly coaching fees.

To begin a coaching session, go to the CoachChat page and ask a question. The coach will answer on the same page. You can use your smart phone, tablet or computer to chat from wherever you are, and from whichever device you have handy at that time.

There are times when we get stuck. We don't have the budget or time to hire a personal coach or make an appointment to see them. All we want is a quick chat with a coach.

Your chat is stored in a private zone for you in the cloud and only you will be able to see your chat.

To use the CoachChat feature, you will need to buy any of the Gold membership subscriptions and log in as a Gold member.


Buy access to CoachChat here.



Middle management or specialist coaching.

Book a phone or skype video appointment with the coach when:

  • You have a problem or situation that you can't explain in a few short sentences on CoachChat.
  • You are grappling with many issues. You need the coach to help you to separate the core problem from the symptoms of the problem.
  • You need someone to hear all your thoughts, and provide a different perspective. One that will help you to move forward.

Buy an hour of middle management or specialist coaching here.


Executive coaching.

Book an executive coaching session when:

  • You are a CEO and need a mentor outside the organization to act as a sounding board and provide advice to help you achieve your goals.
  • You are the head of an SBU or specialist division.
  • You have a complex leadership or organizational problem you need to resolve.
  • You want independent advice on the best way to tackle a complex organizational intervention.
  • You need the coach to understand your organization, your industry and the context you are operating in.
  • You need the coach to understand the different personalities you are working with.
  • You want to do complex consulting, facilitation or Organizational Development work yourself and want the coach to guide you as you go.
  • You want help in designing a focused workshop to solve an important organizational or team problem.

Buy executive coaching here.

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  • Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes. Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, strategic alignment, culture change, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement.


    You save: R-9,975.00

    Price: R9,975.00 

  • Winning-The-Game-of-Change


    Winning the game of change. A game used to develop a change management strategy or plan. Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization.


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  • Phone or skype coaching for middle managers and specialists

    Phone or skype coaching for middle managers and specialists

    Business and career coaching by the hour

    Retail: R1,500.00

    You save: R0.00

    Price: R1,500.00 



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