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3 day practical workshop

Equip change agents or change champions with the knowledge, toolkits and confidence they need to facilitate change in their own areas.


change-agent-trainingThis change management training course is for in-house change agents, change champions, brand champions or innovation champions. It is also for selected employees from each branch or department, who will implement the change in their own areas.


The objectives of this change agent training course are:

  • To build a change management capacity in the organization.
  • To equip change agents and champions for the role they need to play to implement change, innovation or any organizational development project, in their own areas.
  • To provide them with specific tools (for managing change, facilitating workshops, and coaching.)
  • To provide them with an opportunity to practice using their tools so they build confidence.


Day 1: Practical change management.

  • Typical problems associated with change.
  • Why we need change management.
  • change-toolkitWhat is a successful change agent or champion.
  • Tools for identifying what really needs to change. Right brain and left brain techniques.
  • Includes a free magic change toolkit for each delegate.
  • Understanding the people side of change.
  • The emotional phases we all experience during change.
  • Helping others through change.
  • Practical ways of dealing with resistance to change.
  • Dealing with difficult people and hidden agendas.
  • How to inspire others through change.

Day 2: Facilitating change.

  • What you need to know to facilitate well.
  • How to select teams, lay out rooms, use power. The 3 rules of facilitation and 4 rules of coaching.
  • Clarifying what you are trying to achieve.
  • Different ways to present information and activities to achieve different results. Left and right-brain techniques.
  • Includes a free Powerful Facilitation Cards for each delegate.
  • The Powerful Facilitation Cards. (A gift for each change agent and champion.) How to use these facilitator recipe cards to work with any group.
  • Groups practice facilitating change - using The Powerful Facilitation cards.

Day 3: Custom designed mini workshop for the change agents to run to implement your specific intervention.

The third day of this change agent training course is custom designed around your specific project or intervention. It is used to train the change agents or champions to run mini-workshops with staff in their own areas to get them excited about your project or to implement your specific intervention. This one day workshop is jointly facilitated by a subject matter expert from your own organization or project, together with ourselves.

Gift toolkit for facilitators

Each change agent will receive a custom designed toolkit around your intervention that contains:

  • A number of one-hour workshops he/she will need to facilitate.
  • The content he/she is expected to communicate. This content is carefully chosen to help the change agents or champions to anticipate and answer commonly asked questions around the specific project or intervention.
  • change-toolkit
  • An activity for each one-hour workshop. These activities have been carefully chosen from their set of Powerful Facilitation cards. Each activity will ensure the change agent or champion achieves a specific result such as getting buy-in, overcoming resistance, getting an understanding of what is expected of each individual, or generating excitement about the project or intervention, or getting people excited about a new vision or set of values.
  • Change agents and champions practice facilitating the specific custom designed workshop for most of this day. When they leave, they are confident about facilitating their own workshops using their custom designed toolkits and Powerful Facilitation cards.
  • Includes a free unleash the magic cards for each delegate.
  • They each receive a gift of Unleash the magic within you cards to use to inspire staff during their own workshops, plus a Magic Change Toolkit - to help them when implementing any change.


"By working closely with Ruth Tearle of Change Designs, the FNB Branch Information Services Change Management Department successfully achieved its goals for numerous change projects implemented, as well as selected long-term strategic change objectives, such as:

In summary, the unique Change Designs solutions contributed greatly towards translating the theoretical ADKAR Model and principles into the practical application thereof, resulting in reinforcing the ADKAR change management principles and approach throughout the organization." Lara Revelant
  • Establishing a competent and well equipped change agent network.
  • Raising the level of change maturity of managers in the Branches.
  • Ensuring that the change managers in the Change Management Department and their regional counterparts, the implementation managers, are proficient and inspired change champions with a well equipped toolkit.

This was achieved by integrating the Change Designs solutions with the existing change management methodology applied in the Department - the Prosci ADKAR Model forms the foundation of the change management methodology.

By partnering with Ruth Tearle, the Change Designs solutions were specifically tailored to meet our change requirements and our working environment. These solutions most often incorporated a combination of training courses (in-house training and train-the-trainer courses), and a variety of supporting tools (some customized and others generic Change Designs tools).

change-toolkitThe training delivered across all levels of employees and the associated tools were a good ‘fit’ as they supported our ADKAR based methodology and covered all the ADKAR principles.

In addition to the solutions which complement the ADKAR methodology, the Change Designs ‘Change Cycle’ enhances the ADKAR model and fills a ‘gap’ in terms of how to manage the emotional side of change and facilitate the management of resistance hands-on. By Lara Revelant. Change Manager at FNB Branch Information Services

Use this change management training course to develop a team of powerful change agents or change champions in your organization.

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