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2 day practical workshop

A powerful change workshop filled with practical tools and activities


TARGET MARKET:change-leader-training

  • Change agents.
  • Change managers.
  • Change consultants.
  • Project managers.
  • Change steering committees.
  • Middle and senior managers.
  • Team leaders.

This change management training course is for anyone involved in managing or leading change.


  • Learn how to identify the few critical changes that will make a big difference in your organization or your client’s.
  • Select the tools and techniques you will need to manage your changes.
  • Integrate these into a change management strategy for your organization.
  • Then learn how to handle resistance, anticipate obstacles, and deal with difficult people.
  • Go a step further and learn how to make your change process exciting and rewarding for everyone.



  • Typical problems associated with change.
  • Why we need ‘change management’.
  • Characteristics of a successful change leader. The role of a leader in managing change.

THE HEAD OF THE CHANGE LEADER (rational intelligence)

How to identify what to change.

  • Identifying the most important changes you should focus on. (Using a systems approach to identify the 20% of changes that will give you 80% benefit).
  • Understanding how world class companies manage change.

How to select the tools you need to achieve your change.

  • Understanding all the tools/techniques that can be used when developing a change strategy (About 26 leadership tools will be provided.)

change-leader-training-delegatesHow to identify the roles that need to be played in the change process

  • Understanding the integrated roles that need to be played to make your change strategy work.
  • This includes the role of the CEO, executive team, middle manager, facilitator/consultant, internal change agent, every employee, and the steering committee.

Custom designing your own change process

  • This change management training course gives you the opportunity to apply what you've learnt to your own company. In your team you can custom design a change strategy for one of your own companies.

THE HEART OF THE CHANGE LEADER (Emotional intelligence)

manage-resistanceIdentifying and removing the ‘people’ barriers to change.

  • Understanding the emotional phases people experience together with change. How to overcome resistance to change. How to lead people through chaos.
  • How to manage forces for and against change.
  • Dealing with “the difficult person”. Managing politics. How to surface and deal with hidden agendas.

THE SOUL OF THE CHANGE LEADER (Spiritual intelligence)

Putting positive energy into your change process

  • The role of the inspirational leader.
  • Beliefs and attitudes of inspirational leaders.
  • motivational-cards
  • The nature of energy. How to put positive, creative energy into your change process.
  • How to make your change process fun, exciting and developmental.
  • How to keep the momentum going. How to keep the magic alive.

Putting it all together.

  • The group is given the opportunity to design an integrated change process for their company which combines rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence.


  • During this changement management training course, you will work in groups on real life, case studies of your choice. This could be your own organisation - with all its complexities or those of a client.
  • Change Designs courses use highly skilled facilitators, and change experts.
  • During the two days the facilitators will share real life change tools, methodologies and solutions from their vast experience. As skilled facilitators, they encourages the group to share their ideas, experiences and solutions too. This makes the learning rich, practical and applicable to your own organisation’s challenges.
  • During this change management training, you will learn how to design a change strategy for your own organization or project. A strategy that is exciting, positive, inspiring, and empowering to everyone in your organization. A process that will work for you!


  • “Thanks for the most inspiring two days I had in all my working life. You rock!” Hannelie Minnaar.Tshwane University of Technology.
  • “One word sums up your wonderful course - creativity! It had quite an impact on me as it was dynamic, relevant, and a huge plus is that you’ve opened up a whole new world for me. It’s been a while since I last felt so creative and inspired - now I can’t wait to put into practice all we learnt. Plus, it was wonderful to meet such interesting and diverse people on the course. The choice of venue was particularly good and the little touches showed just how much effort you put into the details in order to make the class feel very special. Thanks! Adriana Chickesh Center for Business Knowledge Ernst & Young”
  • “The course was fabulous. I enjoyed it, met wonderful people and had fun. I learned as much as is possible about how to manage a change process in the short time that was available. It is such a huge subject.” Pat Lockwood. CT City
  • “Thanks for a mind-blowing awesome experience. I learnt more than I can grasp at this point and it was without a doubt one of the best facilitation sessions I’ve ever seen. Well done!” Louise Brits. Mandevco.

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