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Develop a change management strategy or plan.

1 day practical workshop

Develop a change management strategy or plan
to implement your corporate strategy, projects or cultural change programmes.


This change management training or customized course is designed for anyone who needs to develop a change management strategy or plan. This includes:

  • Project managers.
  • Project teams or steering committees.
  • Strategists who want to implement a strategy they have developed.
  • Change steering committees or change management consultants.
  • Organizational Development managers
  • Engagement managers.
  • Any leader who needs to plan to implement a new strategy, project, system or cultural change


  • Develop a comprehensive change strategy to ensure the successful implementation of your strategy, project, system or culture.
  • Develop a step-by-step implementation plan to achieve your specific objectives.
  • Enhance the quality of your change strategy, by comparing your ideas to the best practices in the Winning the Game of Change cards.


The contents of this change management course include:

  • What makes a powerful change strategy.
  • How to create a powerful change strategy.
  • How to define the scope of the project or change.
  • How to choose who to involve in developing the change strategy.
  • How to develop a powerful change strategy which includes: systems-thinking-tool
    • The different roles that need to be played.
    • A comprehensive game plan or action plan.
    • A training plan.
    • A plan to make the change experience positive for everyone.
    • How to check progress.
    • How to get everyone involved to feel confident about to removing barriers as they occur.
    • Creating heroes.
    • Creating memories.
    • Building a culture of success.
    • Building in rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence.
      • The head: Will this work?
      • The heart: How do I ensure that they want it to work?
      • The soul: Does this inspire them?

At the end of your change management course or customized workshop, you will take away a powerful change management strategy or integrated implementation plan - all recorded on your Winning the Game of Change chart.

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    Change Puzzle kit

    Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes. Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, strategic alignment, culture change, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement.


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  • Winning-The-Game-of-Change


    Winning the game of change. A game used to develop a change management strategy or plan. Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization.


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    The Change Cycle Cards

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