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The Quest for Continuous Improvement

A 1 day practical workshop

Continuous improvement with a magical twist.

The Quest for Magic is a powerful and motivating way to launch or reinforce a continuous improvement process or culture in an organization. continuous-improvement

This powerful course provides each delegate with an attractive gift of tools they can use to make improvements in a team, department or organization.

The Quest for Magic process is based on using the full power of the brain together with continuous improvement, innovation, problem solving, motivational, and leadership principles.

With The Quest for Magic charts and training course to guide them, teams find it easy and motivating to develop and implement improvements in their areas.

What makes The Quest for Magic Process so powerful is that:

  • Ordinary employees do far more than simply come up with ideas for improving their departments.
  • They select solutions that meet their leaders' evaluation criteria, building better relationships with their leaders in the process.

    With the Quest for Magic ordinary employees do far more than simply come up with ideas.

    They implement their solutions, then they measure and share the results of their improvements.

  • They implement their solution - with support from their leaders.
  • They measure the results of their improvements.
  • They share what they have achieved and learned with others. In doing so, they have the opportunity to shine and be noticed.
  • Leaders have an opportunity to recognize those who have made valuable improvements, and create heroes out of these high performers.
  • This provides a reinforcing process of continuous improvement. It also helps to build a high performance culture.

A separate course is available to train leaders in their roles to ensure 'The Quest for Magic' and continuous improvement become part of the organization's culture.


Any team, at any level, that needs:

Use the magic of your brain to turn frustrations into improvements.

  • Practical and motivational tools to guide them so they can continuously improve the way they operate.
  • A fresh, exciting way to turn everyday frustrations into magical improvements.
  • A powerful approach to solve complex problems.
  • Empowerment and confidence in making improvements, solving problems and making important decisions.
  • Real results for the organization. As teams move away from simply coming up with innovative ideas that they expect their managers to implement. Instead, they learn how to develop and implement their own solutions, get a successful result, and share their success with others.
  • Continuous improvement on steroids. As people share their successes the lessons learned from those who have made improvements are shared too. This creates a culture of learning and sharing in the organization.

OBJECTIVES: quest-for-magic

  • To provide a team with the tools they can use every day at work to:
    • Identify small improvements they can make in their areas.
    • Implement the improvements they choose.
    • Share their results.
    • Get better day by day.
  • To provide organizations with an empowering way to engage employees so that they implement improvements to:
    • Lower the cost of operations.
    • Simplify the business.
    • Delight customers.
    • Increase profits.
    • Provide new opportunities for innovating or doing things differently.
  • To give delegates a gift for life. A Quest for Magic A1 laminated Chart Kit and pens. A gift they can use over and over again every time not only for continuous improvement, but also whenever they are faced with a problem or challenge at work.
  • An A1 laminated poster kit with water soluble pens. Use it over and over again to solve problems, make decisions, and improve the way you do things.
  • To give a team the tools to work smarter, do less and unleash the magic they have within them.
  • To provide delegates with the tools and confidence to make improvements in their departments, solve problems, and turn their frustrations into innovations.
  • To energize and excite a group about the power they have within their own brains. Power they can use to solve problems and improve their lives at work.


  • The quest for Magic. How to discover the quest for your area or department.
  • quest-for-magic
  • Typical quests. What trends show us.
  • The magical brain. Different ways of thinking. Experiment with a number of left and right brain thinking and analytical tools.
  • Describe your quest, problem or frustration in a way that opens you up to magic.
  • How to prepare for your quest. How to use different thinking tools view your quest in different ways.
  • How to redefine your quest as you learn more from your analyses and research.
  • How to identify possible solutions.
  • How to evaluate solutions.
  • The Quest For Magic chart kit.

    A magical guide to help you to solve problems and make important decisions throughout your career.

    Give to each delegate as a gift of development from the company.

  • How to identify and present your best solution.
  • How to choose what to implement so that you are able to achieve a measurable result.
  • How to plan to implement your solution.
  • How to measure results and communicate your achievements.
  • A gift of magic. The Quest for Magic laminated chart kit is given to each delegate. This is a tool they can use over and over again throughout their your careers - to solve problems, and improve the way they do things.


Give your team a gift of power. The Quest for Magic training and charts will help your team to solve problems, remove frustrations and make important decisions with confidence and creativity. This is the true definition of empowerment.

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