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Build a high performance, high motivation culture

Add the colour of magic
to your performance process.

Performance managment systems are often viewed as a tedious form of management control. Many employees complain that instead of helping them, performance management and performance appraisals simply add to an already unrealistic volume of work.

performance-managementImagine instead, turning performance management upside down. Imagine getting the benefits of a performance management system by giving your employees a gift. A motivating, yet practical toolkit that helps them to:

  • Achieve what really matters, in a calm, focused way.
  • Improve the way they manage their time and energy.
  • Make time for themselves to learn new skills, or work on new projects.
  • Get support for their priorities from their most important stakeholders.

This is the power of "Colour Me Magic" by Change Designs.

The training course and colourful chart kit below forms the core of the Change Designs "Colour me Magic" performance process.


All employees in an organization who value:

The key to success:

* Do less.

* Achieve more.

* Relax.

* Win by helping others to win too.

  • Practical and motivational tools to help them to achieve more, using less time and energy.
  • A fresh, exciting way to plan their work, time and energy.
  • Feeling calm and motivated, rather than overwhelmed by too much work.
  • Empowerment and confidence in being able to choose their priorities and discuss these with their key stakeholders, who have been trained to support them.
  • Real results - Employees and their most important stakeholders, agree on what is realistic and doable in a six week cycle. Employees can then allocate their time and energy to what will help them to achieve their priorities.


  • To provide everyone in your organization with a tool they can use to:
    • Focus on what really matters.
    • Achieve more, using less time, energy and resources.
    • Reduce the time they spend on grey areas in their jobs. Time spent that doesn't add value to themselves or others.
    • Make time for putting colour into their job.
      • Red: Achieving what is important.performance-management
      • Yellow: Improving what they do.
      • Blue: Learning or creating something new.
    • Negotiate their priorities with their bosses and colleagues.
    • Negotiate what is reasonable and doable within a 6 week time period.
    • Stop allowing themselves to get overwhelmed by activities and that don't add value, or feeling they have to meet unrealistic expectations.
    • Invest in their own development.
    • Feel more relaxed at work.
    • Win by helping others to win too.
  • To provide organizations with an empowering way to engage employees to:
    • Work more productively on organizational priorities.
    • Achieve more easily.
    • Support one another and help each other to win.
    • Develop themselves and others.


  • The art of success. What makes some people succeed while others fail.
  • Low value people vs high value people.
  • What make you worth investing in?
  • How we often spend our time and energy.
  • The colours of time: Grey vs red, yellow and blue.
  • How to make yourself more valuable.

    Use the magic of colours to
    to achieve, develop, and improve.

  • How to analyse what value you deliver to whom.
  • How to know what your stakeholders value the most.
  • Analyse how you spend your time and energy now - by colour.
  • Develop strategies to improve on the NOW. How to get and give more value.
  • Planning what value you will give to future stakeholders.
  • Planning what you will deliver during the next 6 weeks by colour.
    • Red: The value I will deliver.
    • Yellow: What I will improve.
    • Blue: What I will do or learn that is new.
  • How to paint your colours week by week over a 6 week drumbeat period.
  • How to chunk your time to create daily magic.
  • How to share your magical colours with your boss and other important stakeholders.

What makes The Colour Me Magic process so powerful is that every individual within an organization receives a simple, colourful gift of time and energy. The Colour Me Magic training course and magical chart helps individuals or teams to:

  • Achieve more value, while doing less.
  • Focus on what really matters.
  • Colour Me Magic chart kit.

    A magical way to help people take control of their time and energy, achieve, and help others to win at work.


    Give to each delegate as a gift of development from the company.

  • Understand how they spend their time.
  • Colour code or categorise their time in terms of:
    • Doing what they know.
    • Improving what they do.
    • Learning or creating something new.
  • Be creative about investing their time and energy now in improvements, in order to save time and energy for the future.
  • Discuss priorities with their important stakeholders.
  • Agree about what is reasonable and doable within a 6 week time period.
  • Prevent being overwhelmed by activities that don't add value.
  • Monitor how they are doing day by day, week by week over a 6 week period.

A separate course is available to train leaders and managers in their roles to ensure 'Colour Me Magic' becomes a powerful way to negotiate priorities and develop their teams.



Each employee gets a gift of a Colour Me Magic A1 laminated Chart, an A3 laminated instruction chart, and water soluble pens.

This Colour Me Magic kit is a gift they can use over and over again throughout their careers, to plan their work or to achieve any goal or dream.

The training course and Colour Me Magic gift, gives each each employee:

    An A1 laminated poster and instructions kit with water soluble pens.

    Use your charts over and over again to help you to live the life your want, and achieve the goals you dream of.

  • The tools they need to work smarter, do less and unleash the magic they have within them.
  • The confidence they need to clarify and negotiate priorities with important stakeholders.
  • A way to become calm and relaxed at work. A tool they can use to manage unrealistic expectations - both their own, and those of their stakeholders.
  • An inspiring way to win, while helping others to win too.

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