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2 day practical train the trainer workshop

How to design and facilitate a workshop successfully, to give your clients the results they want.


This facilitation course has been designed for anyone facilitating a results oriented workshop. This includes: Facilitation training

  • Subject matter trainers.
  • Strategic planners
  • Coaches
  • Change consultants and change agents.
  • HR facilitators.
  • Innovation champions.
  • Organizational development consultants.
  • It is also useful for line managers who will be required to facilitate transformation, change,strategic planning, strategy implementation or innovation workshops or for anyone interested in learning how to be a successful workshop facilitator.


  • To provide the skills a facilitator would require, to run a successful change, strategy, innovation, strategy implementation or other workshop or course.
  • This is a practical experiential course. Delegates are encouraged to bring with them, an example of a workshop that they will need to facilitate in their companies. They will work in teams to develop their own practical facilitation strategies during the workshop.


During this facilitation course you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate any workshop successfully.
  • Achieve the spoken and unspoken objectives of the organisation and the group you’re working with.
  • Work with, and transform the energy of a team.
  • Inspire and motivate others.
  • Get the support you need to ensure the success of your workshop.
  • Handle group dynamics, and deal with ‘difficult’ delegates.


  • What is facilitation?
  • Paradigms of facilitation.
  • Challenges faced by facilitators.
  • Skills of the effective facilitator.Facilitation training
  • Typical styles of facilitation.
  • What facilitation style your client expects.
  • Your preferred facilitation style.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each style of facilitation.
  • Choosinthe facilitation style most appropriate to your group.
  • Beliefs of successful facilitators.
  • The role of a powerful facilitator


  • Aims and objectives. Identifying the unspoken aims and objectives of the workshop.
  • Symbolic support. How to ask for the support you’ll need to make your workshop credible.
  • Select delegates. What criteria to use to select delegates for your workshop.
  • Select teams. How to plan your group dynamics.
  • Choosing a venue. How to choose an appropriate venue. How to specify your requirements.
  • How to arrange your room to get the group dynamics you require.
  • Using themes. How to use themes and symbolism to put excitement and energy into your workshops.
  • Inviting delegates. How to invite delegates so that they feel excited about attending your workshops.


  • How to prepare your materials in advance.
  • Role plays. How to build confidence using role plays. How to work with a ‘buddy.’
  • How do you know when you’ve prepared enough.
  • Logistics. Where it all goes wrong. How to avoid your worst nightmare.
  • A checklist for ensuring you’ve covered the bases.



  • Avoiding stress. How to handle stressful situations that crop up at the last moment.
  • Includes a free facilitator's journal for each delegate.
  • Dealing with fear. Strategies for dealing with your nerves.
  • How your beliefs influence your confidence.
  • Positive energy. Dealing with negative energy. How to fill yourself with positive energy.
  • How to make yourself feel special.


  • How to facilitate. How to identify and deal with the hot issues that could negatively influence your workshop. How to win the trust of a group. How to deal with saboteurs gently but firmly.
  • How to use group dynamics. How to manage the dynamics in the groups.
  • How to change the energy of a group and get them positive. How to read the groups’ energy. What reduces group energy. What increases group energy.
  • How to be flexible and still achieve a goal. Right and left-brain activities. Elements and tools you can mix and match in any session to create a new activity on the spot.
  • How to put the ‘magic’ into a session. What is inspiration? Techniques for inspiring others.
  • How to end a session with a sense of achievement. Tools and techniques for ending your workshop
    on a high note. Innovative ways of getting feedback from delegates at the end of a workshop.


“The course was excellent from a personal growth perspective as well as an intellectual perspective. I have put some of your principles into play in my life with good results. I am thinking of new ways to have fun and teach people at the same time which as you know is exhausting but the achievement is amazing ! Thank you so much for a wonderful course which has left me with new purpose, renewed focus, inspiration, skills to work on and a feeling that perhaps I am doing something right even if I am a little off the wall at times.” Louise Sarah Machin. Ernst & Young.

“This is no ordinary facilitator course. You will learn to think strategically about how to sell, market and design a programme that achieves an objective, and then how to use creative techniques to generate good thinking through fun. This is no ‘trainer skills’ programme, but a programme for the intelligent facilitator who wants their work to count, and be effective.” Andrew Bramley. Career Consultant.

“What a great facilitation experience! I have been to a number of facilitation courses and this one is at another level…a complete, end-to-end approach to facilitation. For me the pre and post event considerations brought an angle less traversed by other courses. I have since spread the word and would recommend the course, and Ruth, to anyone who matters, anytime!” Enias Mafokaone Mandala Consulting.

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